May 4

I know that I have shared on here before my absolute loathing for dusting.


Now I have proof.

The boy dusted my living room Saturday and HE TOOK PICTURES.

Pictures of the sad, sorry state of cleanliness in my home.




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14 thoughts on “May 4”

  1. I have had help with the dusting for many years now as my girls like to do it….rather than mopping, dishes, and vacuuming that is!!! Dread the thought of having to do it myself after next year when my youngest daughter goes off to college. 😦

  2. I don’t mind the dusting so much, it’s the moving everything and putting it all back that I don’t like. At least you won’t need to dust for a while now. 😛

  3. I despise dusting. That’s why I invested in a top-notch ostrich feather duster and I dust daily with it. It makes short order of it all and, no, I don’t feel that it’s just swishing dust around. If it is, I’ve got myself and everyone else fooled. Takes no more than a few minutes. Did you thank the boy for not writing the date in the dust? BTW, I just looked down while typing and saw something very similar to dust on top of my speaker. Gheesh. Just when I think I know all the answers…oh, microfibre cloths…love them, too.

  4. I am not fond of dusting either. When it gets too bad, I just set out a few get well cards and people think I have been too sick to dust.

  5. My mom HATED dusting, too, so it looks just like home to me! (I don’t dust as often as I should either.) My mom was ALWAYS the duster at her house and she hated it, carrying on the loathing for it in her own home. She also hated ironing for the same reason. I don’t like either.

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