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  1. Blood red hand towells to match my SK2 jars! White bath towells and billy goat hand soap (the goat milk makes me feel like Cleopatra). I sweep and mop once a week and can’t believe how much hair there is. How am I not bald yet?

  2. Threw it out last week, so now we are trying to find another, it will be red or blue. I just can’t seem to find the right one at the moment, my husband is like here’s one, I look at it and it looks like you step on it once and it would just fall apart. He doesn’t go shopping with me very much anymore, I drive him crazy!!

  3. Rug is blue and white striped
    It kinda sorta matches
    Nothing in my bathroom matches! lol
    2 to 3 times a week the floor gets swept with a broom

  4. I have some somewhere, but they’re too easily tripped over so they were dispatched. Fuzzy little things…blue and white fuzzy little things. No, not everything is matchy-matchy. How often do I sweep the bathroom floor? Too often. (Daily)

  5. My bathroom has brown rugs and towels. It is carpeted (blue/brown berber), so I vaccum every other day. The kids bath is blue and white. I sweep everyday….otherwise you might would have to condeem the house! They make a huge mess. Hubbys bath down at his office is all his…I let him clean it. Nothing matches in there, but he likes that he doesn’t have to wake us up when he goes to work because he can get ready in there.

  6. Ok, get this. I just moved in with a new roommate, and she and I both have a dog. Her dog likes to take all towels, clothes, etc. and stash them in a small space beside the tub. His name is Brady, and we call it the Brady Lair. If you’re missing socks, underpants, THE BATHROOM RUG, you look in the lair. I once found a used copy of War and Peace there, not sure whose it was. Anyways, we haven’t had a bathroom rug in months.

  7. Oh Chocolatechic, I wish I had a bathroom rug. See, I have this dog who we trained with those “puppy pads” in the bathroom. So now we put a rug down he goes ‘OH! PUPPY PAD!’ and pees all over it. I’ve finally learned to stop buying them.

  8. Master Bathroom rugs are green/tan and they match the tile and marble.

    Girls’ bathroom rugs are seafoam and they match the shower curtain.

    I sweep and mop bathroom floors once a week. Usually Wednesday night is my night to defunkify the bathrooms!

  9. Which bathroom? Boy’s bathroom – hunter green. My bathroom – beige. Powder room – none. The green matched our old house bathroom – nothing matches here 🙂


  10. I do not sweep my bather room….the kids vacuum it. The one who is responsible each week is supposed to do so every day….does it happen? What do you think? Oh and we vacuum not because it is carpeted, it’s not, but with all the hair sweeping is a waste of time.

    I have a bath mat the hangs on the tub when no one is in the tub, well that is what they are supposed to do. This morning I woke up to find the mat on the floor where the dog can walk all over it. The toilet seat was also up. 🙄 Any guesses on who is responsible for this happening?

    I try to keep the bathroom to being shade of tan ^ yellow w/splashes of blue.

  11. Depends on what bathroom. Guest bathroom is well-coordinated. Downstairs bathroom is well-coordinated. Master bedroom bathroom on a good day looks like a tornado came through.

  12. Bath rugs are ivory. Yes everything matches. Floor swept, nless my family swept it for my while I was haveing the knee surgery and rehab, it’s been way too long.

  13. Boy, you are being nosey today. My rugs are a sandy taupe color. My bathroom rugs do not match my bathroom right now because I’m in the process of changing the whole decor`. I bought new rugs in the color I want to change to so I could decide if I really liked that color.

    Everything matches except the rugs.

    I sweep and mop my bathrom once a week. I live alone, so it doesn’t get too dirty.

  14. My bathroom rug is cream, tan, and brown. Yes, it matches the color scheme. The tiles are a tumbled marble in cream color. The upper walls are painted turquiose and the lower is wainscoating. I wipe up the floor everyweek with a damp cloth.

  15. Bathroom is green and white. Had to get a new rug, so it matches the recently painted walls. The old green towels and bathmat are a different shade of green. It bothers me that they don’t match but I can’t justify replacing them. I’ll just say, we dont’ sweep often enough.

  16. LOL Talk about nosy today! Funky nosy! LOL LOL

    My bathroom rugs are black, with black, electric blue and white towels to match (along with other black and electric blue stuff and black and white newspaperlike wallpaper!). I think everything matches in my bathroom, although it is not like I buy things in kits ya know… sets of plushy rug, seat cover and so on… never. I’d say it has lots of character.

    And I never sweep in there. My bubby does!!! LOL

  17. Rug?! What rug?! All I would do would drip all over it. No rug in our bathroom. I don’t sweep. The only thing that matches in our bathroom is me and the bar of soap after a shower…. cream white and slimy.

  18. Rugs are blue,shower curtain is blue flowered,blue things on the wall, and blue towels.I would say the main color is blue.

  19. howdy. rugs are deep mocha, bottom of the walls are tongue and groove pine, top part of the walls are “stucco” light mocha, so the bathroom coordinates nicely.

    as far as the “how often do you sweep” part…uh, we’re supposed to CLEAN the bathroom???

  20. My towels and bath mat are just plain white. I suppose you could say they match the shower curtain alright, which is white silver and cloudy transparent.
    I have to wipe down the bathroom floor EVERY day. I have super long, super thick, super black hair and shed more than my friend’s dog.

  21. Main bath has a cream colored rug. Everthing matches.

    Grams bath blue rug everything matches (sorry, still call it Grams)

  22. We don’t get to have bathroom rugs… at least not for awhile. 😦
    Apparently the cat decided that they were a good option for a litter box if she didn’t feel like going down the basement.

  23. We have no rugs in our bathrooms, just lovely cold tile to freeze our tootsies on. Of course everything in my bathroom matches, matches my eyes, not necessarily the bathrooms. One is white, green, and rose-buds, and the other is dark tan. I sweep at least once a week, sometimes more.

  24. I have 2 rugs (gold floor)(long bathroom) Burnt orange Yes they match my bathroom. my shower curtain has little embroidered appliques in Orange, sage & gold, my towels are orange sage & gold stripes. I don’t sweep often enough but my floor does not show dirt& I am the only one who uses it. My rugs wash easily & often. Jerry’s bathroom is a different story. I have to wash the floor every day. His bathroom rug is dark blue, matches his blue printed shower curtain & green & blue striped towels.

  25. Light brown rug in master bath…everything matches. Guest bath…cream rug…things sort of match if your broad minded. The bathrooms get swept whenever I get around to it and not a minute sooner.

  26. Our guest bathroom is decorated in warm colors such as chocolate browns, deep gold, burnt red. I don’t have a rug in there, I use a bath mat and hang it over the tub. In the master bathroom, we have a white shower curtain and towels and rugs that are sort of a cornflower blue. I try to vacuum the hateful ceramic tile floor once a week.

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