April 2

Checking the mail box is the highlight of my day.

I know that that statement might be a sad one for some, but for those of us who are stay at home mom’s and don’t go much of anywhere except church and Stuffmart, I know you’ll understand.

And I don’t mind admitting that in the dead of winter when there is no escape, not even to Stuffmart,  I even sometimes read the junk mail.

So the other day when the girl checked the mail for me, there was a package.

I heart packages.

Especially when they are from another country.

Marthe sent me a cookbook.

I just can not wait to make something from it.

As soon as my head cold clears, I will be cooking up a storm.

Marthe even sent me a lovely post card from her town of Zwolle.

So picturesque, so beautiful.   I’d love to visit there.

I just wish I knew how to pronounce it.

Thanks Marthe!


April 1

April Fools Day, 1982.

Mom and dad got Sister and me up, we ate breakfast, showered, dressed and out to wait for the bus at the end of our drive way.

We stood there, and stood there and stood there wondering where the bus was, and were we late.

Sister and I fretted for the longest time.

I can just imagine the parents standing at the front window laughing their heads off, knowing that they had turned all the clocks in the house up an hour.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

That was 29 years ago, and I will never forget it.

Do you play practical jokes on your family/friends on April Fools Day?

Or are you the one on the receiving end?

Spill Internet!   Spill!