April 30


I’m up.

I’m  showered.

I’m dressed.

And I have made friends with the Random Number Generator.

And my friend says that…

Lori Says:
Wednesday,April 29, 2009 at 11:42 am e

Springtime Collection! Love the pretty box! I have a See’s Store right around the corner from house so I could go spend that gift certificate lickety-split!


Has won the gift certificate.


Email me with your address so that See’s can mail you your gift certificate.


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13 thoughts on “April 30”

      1. Congrats to Lori.

        If anyone wants to subscribe to the feed of a blog they only need to click on the orange feed button that is in the URL bar (where you type in the address of a site you want to go to). That should bring up a page that will allow you to add the feed to your reader of choice.

  1. Good Morning, Chocolatechic!

    I can’t believe I won the See’s Gift Certificate!
    Thank you so much! I’ll be sending the Springtime Collection to my Mom….she LOVES See’s!! And, I just want to let you know I LOVE your blog and read you everyday! Thanks again, Lori

  2. Are my words showing the evil envy green? Congrats,Lori. I hope your mom enjoys it. Cherish your mother as long as you have her.

  3. Thanks ChocolateChic for another great contest! Congrats Lori and your mom will enjoy them cause they came from you!

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