April 29

Hey Internet!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.


And Internet, I’m here to help in the form of a give-a-way.

Wanna see what your playing for?

A $25 gift certificate to See’s Chocolates.

See’s is graciously giving away 1 $25 gift certificate to be shipped to your door, or your mother’s door, or any other (**waving her hands furiously…me! me! me!) door that you wish to have it shipped to just in time for Mother’s Day.

How do you enter?

Take a look —–> here at See’s Mother’s Day gift page or browse any of their other wonderful pages and come back and tell me what you would order for you, or your mother or any one ( **waving her hands furiously…me! me! me!) else you can think of.

One entry per person.

Contest will end at 8pm Pacific time.

Winner will be chosen 8am tomorrow morning after I have had a chance to get up, shower, dress, and make friends with the Random Number Generator.



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73 thoughts on “April 29”

  1. 1. Thank you for offering this giveaway 🙂
    2. I would like the Spring keepsake box or the Thank you box for my mommy, please. My address is…hehehe
    3. I hope I win!

  2. I would order the Springtime Collection in Blue because blue is my favorite color or the Springtime Truffles because they’re so pretty. Delivery to my mother might prove a bit difficult….I’m sure there is chocolate in Heaven but I’m not sure of the delivery policy. I don’t think they return the one who delivers it.

  3. I’d order the “Small Gold Fancy” for me and the “Springtime Truffles” for my 82 yr old mother, Mother’s Day is also her birthday! Thanks for the chance to win, love your blog!

  4. Woohoo! Awesome giveaway! I would put the $ toward the keepsake collection and give some to my mom and mom in law and keep some for myself:)

  5. Well, I only had to look at the first item and said – “That’s the one for me!” It’s the Ribbon box which is not only purple but it’s filled to the brim with chocolates.

    The reason it’s for me is my Mother absolutely hates chocolate – can anyone believe that! I received all my chocolate genes from my father – he was always bringing home one of those gigantic Hershey bars to share – yum yum!

  6. I would love to do a custom mix. I already have the 8 I want picked out, just in case! For my mom it would be Springtime truffles. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  7. Ha ha CC is funny. That’s a lot of picking from to pick from. I would have to pick the sugar free peanut brittle for my mother in law. We could share it. lol

  8. I grew up on See’s candies as my grandparents lived in California so I have a nostalgia factor here. I’d get my mom the lollypops, they’re so good and my grandmother always had one in her handbag, and the toffeettes because she LOVES them! Toffees and brittles are my mom’s “thing.”

  9. Mmmm… See’s chocolate. Awesome giveaway.

    I would of course have to create my own custom mix… full of pecan buds, scotchmallows, milk butterchews, apple pie truffles, butterscoth chews, and dark cocoanut cream. YUM.

  10. My mom is gone now, but she would love the Springtime collection. She would keep the beautiful boxes forever because I gave them to her, and because she loved flowers.

  11. I can’t find it on the website… but I’d get those non-chocolate candies, the yellow, pink and orange ones. My mom can’t have chocolate because it triggers a migraine for her.

  12. Iwould order the Spring Keepsake assorted box. The box is beautiful, and I know that my mom and sisters would love to receive it!


  13. Wow, those prices are quite reasonable. I loved the blue keepsake box and it would make a lovely gift.
    I’d have to order the Toffee-ettes for myself though. Yum!

  14. I don’t need to go to any website! I would spend the whole thing on Milk Patties (chocolate covered caramels). Love them! They are the perfect amount of chocolate and caramel and easy to eat. I normally only get a few at a time because I can not resist eating them all at one sitting.

  15. I would get the Springtime Truffles for my sister (who’s birthday is also Mothers day). The Assorted Chocolates for my mom. And then of course would have to get myself something.

  16. For my mother, I would order the whole box full of strawberry truffles, because those were her favorite. Since she’s in heaven now, eating all the chocolate she wants ; ) I get to pick for myself I guess. My favorites have always been the dark molasses chips, but I also love their pops, and everything they have is delicious. When we lived in Hawaii, we used to go to the mall and we stopped into See’s without fail every time, and our parents would let us each choose one chocolate. Talk about a tough decision! LOL I think this time I would choose myself a box of mixed everything, and then I’d cut them all in half so I could see what they were before I took a bite. The ones I don’t like, Jarred gets to eat, hahaha!

  17. Since I won’t be able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom, (I’m on another continent entirely) she’d love the truffles or the nuts & chews.
    Of course, so would I! Hmmm. Tough choice!

  18. Springtime Collection! Love the pretty box! I have a See’s Store right around the corner from house so I could go spend that gift certificate lickety-split!

  19. Oh wow, this is terrific. I feel like Eddie Murphy, shaking my hands in the air and saying “Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!!”

    I love See’s candy, and while recently running through the Los Angeles airport I saw a small See’s shop….but I was running late for the plane and couldn’t stop. I know they’re probably available online but I’ve never thought to look for it online.

    Thanks for the contest. Thanks to See’s also for providing the gift certificate.

    – Suzanne

  20. Seeing as I love chocolate and I love See’s chocolates I would have to order several different ones and at this time I really couldn’t choose.

    I would not send them to my mother as she is diabetic and I would not torture so – dad would probably eat them for her anyway. 🙄

    I would not buy them for hubby’s mom as she is not supposed to eat such confections and someone would probably confiscate them and either eat them alone or would give them to a child.

    I could send them to hubby’s step-mother. I do not believe that she is on a special diet and she would love to receive such a nice gift.

    I’m sure that I could figure out a few friends to share with as well. 😉

  21. I love the “chocolate and variety mix” and the lollipops. I used to live in Nevada and now am in Tennessee. We used to get See’s Candy for all our special occasions. I miss it!

  22. I know what I would choose but since the idea would be to give the gift to my Mother, I am clueless. I’d probably just choose the “Assorted Chocolates.” But I were spoiling myself, it would dark chocolate, minty or toffee-ish!

  23. I think I would go for 3 bags Keepsake of Hearts, this way I would give a bag to my mom, one to my best friend and keep one for me…. 🙂
    Great giveaway!

  24. I would order two thank you gift boxes. One for the Physical Therapists and one for the Nurses Station at the Hyde Park Care Center where I spent 20 days recuperating from knee surgery. They were terrific and I plan to take gifts in as soon as I can drive again.

  25. I would order the Spring Keepsake Box for $19.00. It is a beautiful blue, that my mother would have loved to have. I would have had to eat the chocolate and give her the box. Alas all I have are her memories to cherish. I have never had See’s Chocolates. Are they as good as Esther Price? Great give-away.

  26. I don’t know if Canadians can win, but I do have a sweet friend in the States who I’d send candy to. Definitely the Pink Keepsake Box and also the Mint Krispys, which if she’s as good a friend as I think, she’d send on to me!

  27. Milk Chocolate Nuts and Chews would be the item that I would order…I haven’t had See’s candy since my aunt brought it home from California back in the 1970s.

    Thanks for offering the give-away!

  28. I would love any of the chocolate, but I know that the travel mug with the little pops would be perfect for my mom. She would actually use it everyday, although she would have it filled with diet Pepsi. Those pops would be perfect for her to have a little something in the evening after a hard day at work. Thanks for offering this.

  29. Oh chocolates!!! My mother doesnt have much of a sweet tooth but she does like the coconut haystacks (thats what she calls them).
    I(the whole family) likes Toffee-ettes.

    They make me share around here as I cant hide things as I forget where I hid them!!!! 😦

  30. What a sweet idea! I would have to say I liked the idea of customizing a box as well as the peppermint bag. My mom would really appreciate anything I give her but the gift she would like most of all is my love!

  31. ok, didn’t even have to look. Toffee-ette’s for me and mixed truffles to confuse the family. Throw in some peanut brittle and a peppermint bag and lots and lots of nuts clusters.. oh yeah and I have to have the truffles and… oh it is ALL so delicious!… how far away is mothers day again???

  32. I’d get the custom mix, because how cool is it to be able to get a box of mixed chocolates with no icky ones?! Not that See’s probably has any icky ones, but I’m a control freak and I want to dictate what’s in my mix!

  33. Oh See’s is in my mall during Christmas and I loooove their lollypops so first I’d order those, then California brittle,then toffee ets, then Pecan buds, then…, then… Oh make me drool.

  34. Well, living in Southern California where there is a See’s in every mall I know the very best piece of See’s candy is the Dark Chocolate Raspberry. Yes. There’s also the Dark Bordeaux, that is very good as well. Um, I also need to include the Scotchmallow, mmm, creamy carmel and fluffy marshmallow enrobed (I love that word!) in dark chocolate. Oh! Did I mention the Butterscotch Chew? Sublime!

  35. Oh See’s! Yummy!
    I would actually go to the local store and choose the Milk Chocolate Nuts and Chews. I would share them with my dear mama if she were still around.But
    I wouldnt, unless absolutely forced to, breathe one word of chocolate to my four children, lest the gobbling masses and their offspring descend like locust…..

  36. Well, my mom says she likes the Springtime Collection in Blue, so that is what I would order for her 🙂

    For myself, I would probably order the regular truffles, or something with chocolate & nuts. I’ve never had See’s candy before.

    I’m about to give birth to my second child any day now, so I deserve lots of chocolate, right? 🙂

  37. My Grandmother made the most heavenly fudge. She is gone now and how I miss her and the fudge. So I would definitely choose the fudge. It looks just like hers did. I would also order nuts and chews to share with my daughter.

  38. I think I would order the spring collection. It is so hard to choose. Everything there is wonderful. We use to live next to See’s, we miss that.

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