April 28

All email issues were resolved and the person for the contest was able to get a hold of me last night.

Tomorrow will be the contest.

Wanna know what your playin’ for?

(I’ve been watching way to much Survivor)

Come back tomorrow and find out.

You will be very glad you did.

$25 glad.


Chocolate…how do I love thee.

Let me count the ways. **


I don’t think I can count that high.

What I can count on is Dorie taking chocolate to the next level and beyond.

You take a bit of chocolate, eggs, sugar, milk, corn starch, and a wee bit of hazelnut coffee creamer( Β½ c.).

Add some butter….oh…Internet.

Even my chocolate tolerating Superman is enamored.

I know…I know…how in the world could a Chocolatechic like me marry a man who tolerates chocolate?

It is a secret diabolical plan.


He doesn’t bother my stash.

Then, if you put that silky custard into a fabulous chocolate tart crust…

You will be tempted to write sonnets about chocolate too.

Thank you Kim of Scrumptious Photography for picking out this fabulous Chocolate Cream Tart for me to make, and me to eat, and me to have to share with Superman….sigh…

I am going to have to rethink this diabolical plan if we keep having such fabulous chocolate recipes.

**My apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.Β Β  I seriously doubt she meant for her beloved poetry to be used in such a way.


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60 thoughts on “April 28”

  1. O-M-G! This looks perfect!! Your photos are getting better and better. I especially love the last two photos and the one where you are pouring the chocolate custard. YUM!! I will have to try out this recipe.

  2. would you believe my hubby isn’t into chocolate and desserts? how does that happen? is there a gene he’s missing? I mean all these wonderful things I create he passes on. I guess I’m blessed. LOL
    And I live for Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother!

  3. I think Elizabeth BB would be flattered, and enamoured if you paid her with a bit of that tart! Aren’t all those little sprinkles so cute…very colorful and festive and just downright pretty! Your photos are always amazing. Always fun to visit.

  4. You’ve got me in a laughing spasm. well.. at least i think i share a bit of the luck as well as my boyfriend doesn’t enjoy sweet stuff very much. *sniggers*. By the way, the tart looks perfect!!! I was writing sonnets as well. *grinz*

  5. Wonderful tart. I love the bright colorful sprinkles on top. Nice pictures as usual. I was bummed I didn’t get a picture of this one..oh well maybe next time!

  6. You know, it’s not that I don’t like to share … but I love it when there are things around that only I like. It’s so much less stressful and I don’t have to worry about looking for my treat and finding it all gone. So, I understand how a sudden Superman obsession with chocolate could rock your world.
    The tart is beautiful. I love the little candy chips on top — they look so happy.

  7. I’ve never missed an episode of Survivor-any season. Quite the accomplishment, I know.

    Your tart looks awesome and yummy. I will try this one again someday and not use bittersweet chocolate.

    Can’t wait to see what the giveaway is! πŸ˜‰

    1. Actually maybe I should just see about visiting you instead for my birthday then the Postal workers won’t be tempted to break the law and consume my gift!!


  8. I’m a huge Survivor fan! I think the only time I missed an episode was back in May of 2002 and the season finale no less. I had just birthed a baby but I was still mad.

    At any rate, your tart looks delicious! Your chocolate cream looks so smooth and the addition of the hazelnut creamer just sends it over the top!

  9. I don’t even have to ask… I know for a fact this last month was one of your favorite! lol

    Now lets see about next… not much chocolate, huh?

    Nice take on the tart… love the addition of mutlicolored sprinkles!

  10. Gorgeous pictures and tart – sorry I missed out on making this one. I think picking your spouse based on their tolerance/intolerance of your favorite foods is actually smart. More for you!

  11. Sheesh! You give ME a hard time for “tolerating” chocolate… but you married a fellow tolerator!!! I must admit, the pictures sure do make me want to jump in head first even with this small disdain for chocolate.


  12. But I think EBB would really enjoy this cheese cake enough to forgive you. Beautiful. And the hazelnut addition – ‘diabolical’!!!

  13. the hazelnut creamer was a good idea. it’s always good to have balance within relationships when it comes to things like chocolate. me and my man are the same way as you and Superman. good thing too, if mine messed with my chocolate stash… there’d be some trouble! πŸ™‚

  14. I think Elizabeth Barret Browing would forgive you if she could only have a piece of this tart. You do realize that half the TWD group was thinking of you when making/tasting this, thinking “oooooh, I bet chocolatechic likes this!” Your reputation as the chocolate lover among chocolate lovers is secure (and was further secured by your ode!) You tart looks great – so glad you enjoyed!

  15. I love your plan to protect your chocolate stash! I think I’ll add that to my “checklist” of the perfect bloke. The addition of the non-dairy creamer and the sprinkles on top are nice touches.

  16. Wow Tanya, love those colorful little sprinkles! Your tart shell looks lovely. Mine cracked in a couple of places, however, that did not slow me down a bit. he he
    Glad you were enamored by this lovely dressed up version of an all American chocolate cream pie. Yep pretty spiffy!!

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