April 25

Hey Internet!

It is Friday, and I slept in again, and I am nosy!

I want to know the title of the current book you are reading.

If your not reading anything….why?

PS.   Monday I will be holding another sponsored give away.   Come back then and try to win.


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  1. Oh drats….I can’t tell you the title because it has bad language in it. The bad language didn’t start until half way through the book. By then I had to know what was going to happen. I don’t recommend books with bad language. It is a very interesting book though. I will be finished with it today and then tomorrow I will start Jennifer Chiaverini’s newest quilt book and the name went right out of my head. I am dying to read Handle with Care, Jodi Picoult’s new book. My granddaughter is being tested for the disease the book is about.

  2. I am reading “Chemical Dependency Counseling, A Practical Guide” for the college course that I am taking. I’m also reading the Bible.
    And don’t laugh, but when I have trouble going to sleep, I will read one of my children’s Box Car Children books. It works!

  3. I was just reading the April 25 title of today’s (the 24th) post. lol

    I’m reading Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” when I have free blocks of time.

  4. “What Southern Women Know about Faith: Kitchen Table Stories and Back Porch Comfort” – I’m really enjoying the candid look at why I am the way I am, and how it is the way young ladies were raised in the South.

  5. “You Can Farm” by Joel Salatin for the umpteenth time. I’m hooked and I can’t stop reading it. I may require professional help.

    Still lovin’ your blog, you chocolate adoring young filly.



  6. Non Fiction: Inside the Revolution by Joel C. Rosenberg
    Fiction: Teashop Mystery #8 Dragonwell Dead by Laura Childs

  7. Sleeping late is a good thing.

    I’m attempting to read “Team of Rivals”, the latest Abraham Lincoln book by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I certainly applaud her vast research but at 800 plus pages it’s going to take me a year and I’m a voracious reader. Let’s just say it’s kind of dry.

    I’ve ordered “River of Grass” about the Florida Everglades and I’m looking for anything that I haven’t already read about climbing Mount Everest.

    Let’s just say this is an unusual time because normally I have at least two books going at the same time.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  8. I’m almost finished with Ink Heart. Want to read it with my grandaughter. Looking forward to starting “School of Essential Ingredients”
    Reading with my grandaughter is my M.O.S.T. favorite thing to do.
    Be Blessed

  9. At the moment nothing – just finished Promise in Death by J.D Robb, Addition by Toni Jordan and Face of Fear by John Saul – need to hit the library this weekend.

  10. Still reading The Jesus I Thought I Knew by Philip Yancey. That title couldn’t be much more correct from my perspective.

    What are you reading, CChic?

    (I had fun reading your comments this morning!)

  11. I just pickes up ‘Dagboek van een hofdame’ by Sarah Goodall (& Nicholas Monson) for 5 euros, it’s written by the former p.a. of Prince Charles. The original title is ‘The Palace Diaries.’

  12. I am currently reading – Get Off Your Knees & Pray by Shelia Walsh. And also Is God on America’s Side? (for Sunday School class).

    Yeah what are you reading right now??

  13. I am currently reading Healing Pelvic Pain. Not very exciting, but the exercises have really helped me! I am also reading A Charlotte Mason Education, but I don’t count that because I have already read it about 8 times. I need to get a fun book. I wish there would be a new book in the Mitford series.

  14. Well, I guess several of us are nosy too and we want to know what you are reading???

    As for me I am still reading The Simple Church for church board meeting and last night I just completed Marie Osmond’s latest book, I can’t recall the title and I just don’t feel like getting up to find out. 😛

    I have no idea what I’ll read next.

  15. The Whole Trust by David Baldacci
    Who Calls Me Beautiful by Regina Franklin
    Reading your Male by Mary Farrar
    The Message by God.
    I’m also copy editing a really great alternative-fiction book written by my friend’s son.


  16. I’m reading the first of The Lakeshore Chronicles(Summer) by Susan Wiggs. I love books in series and like one of the commenters above, I’d love a new Mitford book.

  17. I’m not reading anything right now. Too busy with the kids and the baby…

    However, I LOVE to have a good book, a cup of coffee,and an hour or so to read.

  18. I’m currently reading . . . way too much. But it’s the end of the semester and I have pages and pages to crank out. But, before I go to sleep I’ve been reading a Taj Mahal: Passion and Genius at the Heart of the Moghul Empire. I really want to visit India some day.

  19. I have not mastered the art of reading and crocheting at the same time. Crochet wins most of the time. I am reading my Bible and my Sunday school lesson book.
    Bear and I are reading The Trumpet of the Swan.

  20. I am actually reading three books at once. I started to read “The Real You” by Kevin Leman but I got to a place where you have to write down 3 childhood memories and you can’t go on any farther in the book until you do. Needless to say……

    The other book I picked up was “Grits and Glory”, a cozy mystery written by Ron & Janet Benrey. I got bored in the middle so I picked up something else and started reading it. “Distant Heart” by Tracey Bateman.

    Did I mention that I think that I have adult ADD?????

  21. I am reading the third Twilight book “Eclipse.” I also need to start reading my May book club pick, “The Elegance of the Hedgehog.” The title totally cracks me up, but I have no idea what its actually about!

  22. I am reading “Jungle Pilot” and it’s so incredible. It’s the story of missionary Nate Saint, who was a pilot serving remote Indian villages in Ecuador. He had an incredible faith and was driven to spread word of God’s love into these remote areas. In 1956, Nate and four others were killed by the natives they had come to serve. The book is written based on his diaries and letters, and includes lots of personal reflections from people who knew him. Really inspiring!

    I’m also reading the LABEL ON THE BACK OF A BOTTLE OF COUNTRY BOB’S!!!! Got my package today, that’s Choc-y!

    , pilot Nate Saint and four other missionaries were killed in Ecuador by the Waodani(Auca) Indians they had come to serve. Now Nate’s gripping story of faithful service for Christ is brought up to date through the epilogue written by his son, Steve.

    1. Have you seen the movie about Nate Saint?

      End of the Spear.

      It is a great movie. In the beginning of the movie, the yellow plane that is being flown…it was painted here in Pothole, Ohio….and Nate’s son Steve Saint came to our church to speak.

      He is such a great guy. Steve Saint also flew the air plane in all those shots.

  23. Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and be Happy by Barbara Johnson. She can be so funny for all the heartache she has been through.

  24. Last night I finished reading William Roache’s autobiography, very interesting and enlightening. Tonight when I go to bed I shall start on Dewey the Library Cat.

  25. A wonderful post and answeres. I read 5 books while in a rehab center for knee surgery. Now I am at home and this monring I finished “Hissy Fit” by Mary Kay Andrews-warning some bad language.

    Now reading “Home to Big Stone Gap” by Adriana Trigiani.

    I’ll make a new list of authors from this post and go on my public library site and order some new books for my daughter to pick up for me.

  26. Howdy. I’m currently reading the 3rd in the Pagan Stone Trilogy by Nora Roberts. A bit wordy for me, and too many unrealistic, well, sex scenes…but an interesting, kinda sorta scary at times, plot.

    I’m never EVER without at least one book, sometimes more. Other than this one, I’m reading Lisa Scottoline (forgot which one) and Jeffrey Deaver (again, forgot the title). What are YOU reading?

  27. Once I begin with an author I read everything they have written. I am hooked on Debbie Macomber, Janet Evanovich, and my favorite James Patterson. Debbie’s are just plain good reading, Janet’s are funny, and James’ are psychological thrillers. I picked up a new author and just finished the book. I found that I didn’t like her at all.

    I have read Paula Deen’s cookbook, Kim and Aggies Cleaning Bible, and an Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches.

    Here lately, I am in need of a good book about getting through menopause. I definitely need a good laugh! Any suggestions???

  28. I’m reading Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World for Bible study and it’s great. Reading Crazy Love for Sunday school class and it is SO incredibly overwhelming and convicting. Songs Without Words by Ann Packer for fun.

  29. I just finished the third in the Twilight series, Eclipse. I tried so hard not to get sucked onto the Twilight bandwagon, but then my hubs rented the movie and I had to find out what happened next. I’m embarressed at how I’m so into what happens in the lives of teenage vampires and werewolves.

  30. I am reading “The Lost Recipe For Happiness” by Barbara O’Neal. It’s about a woman who is the lone survivor of a horrible accident and finds solace and love in the kitchen.

  31. OH! And I JUST finished “The Mighty Queens of Freeville” by Amy Dickinson, the columnist for ‘Ask Amy”. It’s non fiction about her life, divorce, and raising her daughter and gravitating to the small town of Freeville, where she’s from.

  32. I’m almost done with Ratio by Michael Ruhlman. (Yes, I read cookbooks. Often cover to cover. Though this one isn’t a regular cookbook.) I dropped books off at the library and haven’t had a chance to go back for more. Which means I need to peruse my bookshelves and find something to re-read for now. I’m never without a book or two.

  33. I am reading “Florida’s Past” volume 3 by Gene M. Burnett, “Storm” stories of survival by Clint Willis and “The Corpse had a Familiar Face” by Edna Buchanon.

  34. It’s called, “Little Bee”

    I am also reading, “Every Young Woman’s Battle” to discuss with my daughters and “The Promise” by Robert Morgan.

  35. If you don’t count the giant stack of food magazines by the side of my bed, then my current read is called “Stalking the Green Fairy” by James Villas and Jeremiah Tower. Oh. Wait. It’s a food book, too.

    My daughter is reading “Sunshine” by Robin McKinley, which she says is much better written than the Twilight series.

  36. I miss reading a book curled up in a blanket!!! I havent read a book since Christmas. 😦

    Why??? Work, laundry, blog, wedding planning, wedding stuff shopping, kid having surgery, doc appts w/ kids, track meets, and more blogging.

    I did read the People magazine on the way to Mayo Clinic while my son drove.

  37. Interesting thread. So many books I haven’t heard of but am curious about. I’m reading The Women by T.C. Boyle. It’s a novel about the wives and lovers of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. My subway book (always a paperback) is La Cuchina by Lily Prior. It mixes romance, mystery and Italian cooking. A must read for all cooks.

  38. Worldliness by C.j. Mahaney
    Attitude of a Transformed Heart by Martha Peace
    How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur
    Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges (second time through)
    And of course the Bible!

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