April 22

I want to talk about frugality today.

Boring, I realize, but since 70% of the the gene’s in my body scream frugality that is mostly who I am.



We won’t talk about the other 30% of the genes that was born a Princess, and at times drowns out the frugality and makes me want large diamonds, a professional Viking stove, a Nikon 300D, and some new lens’s, pounds of fabulous Guittard, Valhrona, Scharfenburger, and Belcolade chocolates, expensive perfumes, a jacuzzi on my back deck, and a filled walk in closet the size of my bathroom.

Welcome to my kind of crazy.

Americans are spoiled.

I am spoiled.

I think of the pictures I saw Sunday of some Somalian refugees that live in wall less shacks, sleep on the ground and are eating boiled leaves because they have nothing else.

Just laying in my king size bed with 1 pillow and 4 blankets I am richer than they.

Yes, we are spoiled.

Frugality = effort and we as Americans don’t want to do ‘effort’ anymore.

Conserving water takes time and effort, but I save over 300 gallons of water a month just by flushing with gray water.   That 300 gallons saves us $20+  a month or $240+ a year.

Gardening takes time and effort, but it provides those wonderful ‘organic’ veggies for my girl and saves us $200+ a year.

Cooking supper takes time and effort, but in doing so, I don’t have to eat all those extra fast food calories, and it doesn’t take long if you plan…but the planning…it takes the effort.

Grocery shopping to find deals takes time and effort, but the money I save by doing this is so much cheaper than eating out…even on the dollar menu.   By shopping at Aldi, and using coupons at Stuffmart,  I spend on average $350-400  a month on groceries and household stuff.

Hanging laundry on the line takes time and effort, but by doing that I save $20+ a month  or $240 a year on my electric bill aaaannd my clothes don’t wear out as fast which = less clothes shopping, much to the dismay of the girl and my secret desire to convert my loo into a walk-in closet.

There are other things that I do that some (mom) might think is a bit radical but the savings…oh!   it adds up.

Just in these few ways I can save almost $1,000+ a year.

Could I do more?   of course I could, but these things that bring our home the biggest bang for our buck…and my Diva might overthrow my Frugal and upset the delicate balance in my brain.

What could you do with that extra money?

Is a $1,000+ a year worth a  little bit of effort?

I wonder how much chocolate $1,000+ could buy…


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23 thoughts on “April 22”

  1. My parents have always had a clothesline my whole entire life. And I hated it (I still do, sorry. But Houston is very, very humid and there are many days that aren’t good “drying” days and I have an aversion to having clothes out on the line forever). However, I’m completely on board with the rest of your sentiments. I think that it’s amazing how the little things add up and $1000 is (as my dad would say) real money. My brother always discusses money in terms of steak (how much steak could you buy with $1000) but I like thinking of it in chocolate. That’s great.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful post! I’d probably spend my $1000 in a very self-indulgent way. I guess it’s my diva side coming through.

  2. Thank you for reminding us of how wealthy we are. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment condo.I have everything I need; yet,too often I wish for more.

    When I turn around and look at the majority of this world past and present I know that I am wealthy beyond belief. I need to do more to save and you inspired me to take another look.

    1. Amen!!!!!! I looked at the pictures from Sunday, and I realized how soft, how spoiled, and how selfish I am. I think of how “little” food I have with my food allergies and all, and I look at all those poor people, and I see them smiling and laughing. And I think that their bellies are bloated from starvation, their gum’s are black with scurvy, they live on the ground, they are raped, beaten, tortured, and killed for believing in God. We Americans are so soft, and if we were faced with this type of situation, many of us would renounce Christ as our Lord and Savior. I just pray that when triles come, God will strengthen me and give me wisdom to do the right thing. Have a peachy day y’all!!!!!!!!

  3. My new frugality kick is trying to find cheep, but cute ideas for sewing clothes for my kidlets. I’m so upset that Stuffmart is getting rid of their fabric department. I am stocking up though when I find a store that is marking all their fabric down to 50% off.

    1. Julie Beth~I have found that it is much cheaper to get clothing at the Good Will or a Salvation Army than to purchase cloth, pattern, thread, zipper, etc…and make the clothes myself.

      Unless you have a free supply of notions.

      1. I actually have done some remaking of garments that I’ve found at thrift stores. And I try to buy my thrift store stuff when they have 50% off sales. Both my daughters are super skinny, so nothing fits them. My baby girl is 21 months old. She has the waist of a nine month to one year old and is a tall as a two to two and a half year old. So it is crazy trying to dress her. So sew is becoming a must.

  4. I hear you. In addition to being frugal, I am a change picker-upper. Stop right in the middle of a busy street for a penny. Thrills me. Put it right into an ING account that gets me 4% interest. I also shop at Goodwill stores, so I always look like I’m wearing designer brands when it’s all second hand. If I see something that’s great but won’t fit me, I buy it and sell it on ebay. I’ll pay $4 for a pair of shoes, sell them for $40. Ka-ching. There’s a part of me that thinks it sucks, but then there’s another part of me that just screams AWESOME!!!!!

  5. Yesterday, I was listening to “On Point” on WBUR here in Boston. On that show was a woman who wrote an article for Time Magazine called “The New Frugality.” And it is amazing what people can do and will do to save money. One thing I am not frugal with at all is the air conditioning. I can’t handle heat! But, I do need to be more frugal and I am trying to be more conscientious of my own frugality. If I saved $1000, I would put the money toward a much needed vacation!

  6. I love frugality, it’s in my blood and in my heritage. My great-grandmother was a Seminole Indian and lived in a Chickee, which is a raised platform shelter with no sides. They were experts at being frugal and someone forgot to tell them they were poor. They never knew.

    – Suzanne……who’s on her way to Goodwill right now.

  7. I don’t mind putting out the effort, but I haven’t the energy to put out the effort. It may cost me more money that way, but I have to do what I have to do.
    I do like to go to thrift stores… just wish we had better ones in our area.

  8. Sorry, not frugal at all. I would use the $1000 to have the conveniences of life I’m used to.

    I do, however, believe we are spoiled with all that we have. I appreciate everything God has blessed us with.

    If we have to cut corners we will, we are used to living on a limited budget.

  9. Frugality is not boring….I find it quite thrilling when I save money at the grocery store by combining buy-one-get-one free sales and coupons. This week I cut the grocery bill by one third. My other “thrill” is to buy thrift store sweaters made with luxury yarns (think cashmere), take them apart, and knit something else. I can’t justify the expense to buy the yarn new. I figure I’m saving the landfill at the same time. Last year I saved a ton of money at Christmas by using what I had on hand or recycle yarn to make presents for co-workers.

  10. I’ve been frugal for a long time, isn’t it kind of fun/funny to find it becoming “in” again? I agree with some of the others — thrift store shopping is a great way to go.

    Thanks for reminding us all to think about how blessed we are and how much we have — rather than how much we want.

    (Still wanting chocolate. But, I have some in the cupboard if I really really want it, so…I’m rich!)

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