April 21

When I was very little, the parents would take Sister and I to Duff’s Smorgasbord.

Duff’s was an all you can eat buffet in Springfield, Ohio.

Now the only place it exists is in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

I remember standing in front of the carousel waiting for the food to come around, wishing that it would go faster  so I could get my fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and rolls snarfed down so I could hurry up to the dessert bar.

‘Cause Internet, even at the tender age of 8, I knew where the good stuff was.

Sister was smarter than I.

She filled her plate with only one thing.

Baked beans.

That meant she stood in line for less time, and made it to the dessert bar much faster!

I remember dad going up with me to get dessert and me asking him what that ‘stuff’ was, because I wanted to make sure that I got all the best Duff’s had to offer.

“That’s bread pudding, honey”,  and with those words the back of my throat closed. off.

Bread pudding was instantly dead to me.

Ever since then whenever I have gone to a buffet, there is almost always bread pudding on the dessert bar, and it always looks the same.

Gloppy, gooey, and gross.

Then last year, I watched my BFF Paula Deen make a Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding with Butter Rum sauce and I wondered how in the world could you go wrong with donuts, butter and rum.

Then when Lauren of Upper East Side Chronicle picked Chocolate Bread Pudding I swallowed hard.

I thought maybe if I used donuts, and used lots of chocolate it might not be so bad.

It was reported that there was an excessive amount of liquid to bread ratio, so I halved the liquid portion but used the entire 6 oz. of chocolate.

I also didn’t add raisins, because the only way raisins should be eaten are by the handfuls mixed with peanuts and m&m’s!

It smelled heavenly baking.

After it cooled, I sampled a wee bite like my Paula does.

But Internet, the eyes…they did not cross in ecstasy…the mouth didn’t say “mmmm…so good!” and there was no going back for a second bite.

Maybe if I make a chocolate butter rum sauce…

If you heart bread pudding, then you will like this version.   Go check out Lauren’s blog.   She has the recipe.

Me?   I’ll be in the kitchen with some butter, some chocolate and some rum.


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  1. Remember the time we went to Duffs and I ate several plates of baked beans???
    I was so miserable after that. (I think everyone else was too! 🙂 )

  2. !!!!! There was a Duff’s Smorgasboard in Spring Lake, NC. We ate there quite a bit when I was a little girl. Mostly after church. It was good stuff!!!!!

    I don’t heart bread pudding, and I’ve tried the Krispy Kreme version. I’m not a fan of either one. Stale bread in our house either makes three things: Croutons, bread crumbs, or stuffing. That’s it.

    I have high hopes for next week’s Chocolate Cream Tart!

  3. You made the bread pudding with donuts!? That’s inspired. I love sugar. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out as good as it sounds. I liked this recipe – chocolate and bread – like a sticky bun without the cinnamon.

  4. I follow the same theory on raisins…they just don’t belong in my dessert…nor in my breakfast foods–and why cinnamon always has to paired with raisins in bagels and english muffins is beyond me…

    Good call on the donuts! Loved that idea! 🙂

  5. Yeah, no bread pudding for me either. I prefer my chocolate in a bar when it comes to bread pudding… Waste of chocolate and of donuts in your case 😉

  6. “Bread pudding was instantly dead to me” – bahahahaha. I was hoping to read on and find that this was the recipe to bring it back to life for you, but I guess bread pudding is just not your thing. I suspect you can find a few other great things to do with that butter, chocolate and rum!

  7. Wow…that looks fantastic (I am just pretending the chocolate is cinnamon)…and that rum idea sounds pretty good, too! Loved the photos this week…so much of you in them, so much personality! Great job on interpreting this recipe.

  8. Where on earth do you get eggs that have yolks that deep and rich in color?
    I do heart bread pudding but I don’t think I would like it with donuts.
    If all else fails you could always just drink the rum and call it good. lol

  9. Whoa. All you had to write was “I used donuts” on my blog comments …and my mouth watered..Yum. I shot right over here to check it out and it looks fabulously decadent. Well done!

  10. Well, you certainly gave it your best shot. I love that you tried this with donuts. I’m just sorry I don’t live nearby to pick up the leftovers. 🙂

  11. Bread pudding is not my favorite either. There are so many other yummy desserts. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t even that yummy using donuts. Better luck next week.

  12. oh no. . you didn’t love it? We did. Of course we are bread pudding fans already. I have tried the krispy kreme one before and hated it. It was way too sweet for me. I think the best one I have ever made was made with Italian Panettone bread at Christmas time. Not as sweet. Yours looks great though. Surely your DH loved it?

  13. I’m sorry you didn’t like this. Wow, I can only imagine how good these must be with doughuts, there’s no krispy kreme here sob!

  14. Oh no! I’m not a “soggy bread” person myself. I actually can’t stand it… makes me gag and everything. For some reason, my favorite “dipper” for soup is toast- but it’s jut a quick dip, still crunchy and all.


  15. That’s okay Chocolatechic, I imagine even Paula doesn’t always love her “bites.”
    Good effort though. What’s wrong with a hunk of chocolate melting in your mouth anyway?

  16. Oh my goodness…you did not just make bread pudding with donuts??!! WOW!! No wonder your pix look so fabulous!

    And I agree wholeheartedly that raisins should only be eaten in conjunction with m&ms!

  17. Maybe you should have added rum and butter! In any case, it looks delicious. Love the eggs, too, lucky Tanya! I live in coastal southern California, where it’s been 97 degrees the past few days. 😦

  18. I’m more of a vanilla custard bread pudding person myself, but I did enjoy this chocolate version. I added chocolate sauce in one helping and cream anglaise in another. Both were wonderful!

    BTW I didn’t have any issues with the bread to liquid ratio. Worked great for me, sorry it wasn’t your fave 😦

  19. Oh BTW, I meant to tell you that in my browser your right side bar does not expand to take into account the width of your images. Instead, the wording on your sidebars overlaps your pictures. Thought you might like to know!

  20. I have been to Pigeon Forge many times but never knew to look for a Duff’s. I will next time!

    I came by here today to see what Chocolate Chic would think of this – if YOU didn’t love it, I knew I would be able to handle not loving it myself. Whew. Sorry you made it and didn’t like it – but boy does it ever make me feel better! I didn’t want to put the word gaggy in my post since I think I PO’d Dorie a few weeks ago – but – ummm….gaggy.
    See you next week!

  21. I’m with Marthe who likes her chocolate in a bar. I prefer my rum in a bar! My last memory of bread pudding has been the source of many a nightmare. I was doing KP while in the Air Force and saw first hand how a vat of bread pudding was made. First, she put in a bucket of this, then a bucket of that into a floor mixer that was taller than I was. Then, she got onto a ladder, rolled up her sleeves(they were short sleeves), and, with sweat dripping from her brow, dove into the pudding with her arms all the way up to her arm pits and mixed it by hand. I have’nt eaten it since. An occasional church pot-luck causes un-nerving flashbacks (from the war years) if someone brings bread pudding.

  22. Oh, gosh! Those pictures are astoundingly yummy looking. Doughnuts sound like a great idea, but I don’t know if I could be trusted with getting them in the dish. Sorry it wasn’t a hit, but I am sure you will love next weeks dessert! See you then.

  23. I like bread pudding like Mom used to make with a vanilla sauce. Yummo! Looks like we both lost out on the cookbook.

  24. My father loved bread pudding. And my mom too who does not have a sweet tooth. Regardless of how many times I’ve tried it I cant make myself like it.

    Chocolate and rum wouldnt do it for me either.

  25. What was that Hurricane Cake from Duff’s??? It looks wonderful.

    I love, love, love bread pudding. Recently I made a Praline Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise for a dinner party. I could have forgotten the first course, the second course and everything else. I could have served nothing but that bread pudding!! They were crazy for and some of the men had three!

    Too bad you can’t sent that bread pudding over the internet because I’d probably make short work of it, although I’m pretty sure it isn’t on the South Beach Diet.

    Krispy Kreme bread pudding? Paula is the devil, I swear.

    – Suzanne

  26. I am an all the time raisin hater. They even ruin trail mix!

    Even though you didn’t love it, it does look divine. And, you know, any excuse to eat a donut (esp a Krispy Kreme) is fine by me!

  27. Too bad! I think the doughnuts was ingenious. I guess there are bread pudding lovers and those that don’t like it.

  28. I think you have to grow up liking bread pudding to REALLY like bread pudding. I liked it okay. Give me some chocolate cream pie, man!
    Hope someone at your house or somewhere nearby at it for you! Just can’t have that chocolate going to waste.
    Too funny about Paula Deen and her eyes rolling to the back of her head. You rock. Donuts! My kids would have eaten it for sure then!

  29. I loved it here. I brought it up from a 4 to a 5 star, with my additions. I didn’t put in raisins, but addedsome delish coconut. Check it out when you can, a Chocolata like you will love it!

  30. Well, now I don’t feel quite as bad about not making it. =) And hey, I have chocolate in my pantry, and rum, so I guess I’m set.

  31. Somehow shunned bread pudding doesn’t sound right. And talk about over the top – bread pudding with donuts. I would be on the ceiling. But it looks good. Too bad it isn’t your thing.

  32. Oh my gosh, sad! When I saw the doughnuts, I started drooling. I’m so sorry to hear that there was no eye-rolling or salivating on your end. I will most definitely try this variation next time, though, since I’m a bread pudding fan.

  33. Asa kid, I hated bread pudding too – Mum only made it to use up egg yolks when she made pavlova. I love the fact that you used doughnuts – I would never have thought of it. Can’t wait to see the butter rum version.

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