April 20

Some Monday randomness.


  • It is raining, and it is supposed to rain till Thursday.   I’ll be purchasing some Ark blueprints on Amazon soon.


  • I just entered a contest to win a signed Paula Deen cookbook over on Bakerella’s blog.   I can’t decide whether or not to give you her link, as you all will be so disappointed when I win anyway….but if you go —> here, you can enter yourself.   Just remember, I’m gonna win.


  • I need a hair cut.   My hair refuses to poof anymore.    It is a sad, sad, sad situation.


  • This weekend, Superman mowed the yard much to the excitement of the entire neighborhood.   I was afraid I’d have to get a goat or something if he waited any longer.    I also pruned my Rose of Sharron hedges, much to the excitement of Superman.


  • Superman also cleaned out underneath the back deck.   Now we only look  half way like the Beverly Hillbilly’s.


  • Tonight the girl and I are going to watch the Amazing Race that I DVR’d.   I sure hope that Luke and Margie didn’t come in last.


  • Lastly, I don’t want to do my mountain of laundry, but if I don’t do something soon, the only thing left we will have is our birthday suits.   Mine is getting a bit old and wrinkled….not to mention slightly stretched out of shape.   Yep…I probably ought to do some laundry.



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8 thoughts on “April 20”

  1. My husband finally cut our grass yesterday. I swear it looked like a prairie out there! I hear you about the ark blueprints. We had a sunny weekend after a lot of rain last week and now it’s pouring buckets again today! SIGH!

  2. Our lawn mower is broken, much to the dismay of our whole neighborhood. I may hire some kid to come and do it. Wait, that takes money…. never mind.
    Hey Dean…. wanna come for a visit??? I hear you are good at fixing things. I’ll even make you cookies or cheese cake and let you lick the bowl…
    Oh wait, he’s probably too old for that kind of thing… Hmmmmm…. I’ll get back with you.

  3. The grass needed mowing already? That’s great. Sorry about all the rain…it’s coming this way for tomorrow. Ugh. We just nicely got the basement dry.

    Hope that you get an appointment with your hairdresser soon… That’s another one of my wishes (for myself, of course). You always look great!

  4. We moved to an apartment complex, so no more grass cutting for me. Sorry Tanya, I commented on Bakerella’s blog too. I will probably win. I will let you look at it sometime. I love you, Aunt Cindy
    P.S. Just in case you win, can I look at the cookbook?

  5. Oh! MY Goodness… what’s there not to like , really? I can’t believe you didn’t like this… mannn… this version is absolutely my next one! MAybe not with Krispy Kremes, but with any kinda doughnuts… wow.

    Love the story thoug… thanks for sharing.

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