April 18

The cats.

They haven’t gotten much blog time, so today I am  going to remedying that.

This cat will lay anywhere on anything.

Sometimes she will even drag stuff around so that she can have a place to lay.

Mostly she just begs me to pick her up so she can lay on me.

See that outstretched paw?

How can I say no to that face?

The other cat… I’m not happy with her, so she doesn’t get any blog time.

So there!


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8 thoughts on “April 18”

  1. Uh Oh, what did Rose do?
    Whiskey is sure a cute kittie.

    All of my dogs have loved laying on things, just a few minutes ago, before I let her outside, Prissy was laying on the towel that I use to block drafts at the back door. 🙄

  2. I’m back home from knee replacement surgery. My cat Lucy is lying on the floor within a foot of my chair. After she got over her, “Why were you gone for 3 weeks?” attitude she is staying close. She was well cared for by my daughter and grandchildren.

    Surprisingly she is not afraid of the walker.

      1. My knee is doing well. Yes, lots of physical therapy and it hurts. The outcome of this surgery all depends on the amount of work I do. I’m praying to stay motivated and make a complete recovery.

  3. My cat thinks he is sitting up higher even if he is just on a piece of newspaper. He has adjusted to the move now. It has only taken him two weeks.

  4. Whiskey is darling! We have a cat who looks a lot like her. Her name is Bella. She “owns” the bed and mostly sits there. When I’m in it, she sits on my chest, which is not exactly comfortable as she is a large cat!

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