April 17

It’s Friday Internet, and I am nosy.

When you watcha  movie at home, do you snack?

If you do, what do you generally snack on?


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24 thoughts on “April 17”

  1. Hmm… depends what’s in the cupboard usually! Usually some biscuits, or chips. If I’m really desperate and there’s no junk food around I’ll nibble on sunflower and pumpkin seeds… at least they’re healthy!

  2. On the rare occasion that we watch TV in the living room and on the even rarer occasion that I let anyone eat in the living room — popcorn.

  3. I can’t watch movies without eating something. Usually when we watch movies at home it’s netflix and we’ll do dinner and a movie so I’ll just eat dinner and dessert while watching. If I snack then it depends on what I have around. So, tonight, maybe leftover Easter candy? Pretzels and craisins are pretty popular with me, too.

  4. Congrats, winners!
    Well, usually if it is me by myself, then no. I usually do not snack cause I am folding clothes. If it me with the kids, popcorn. If it is me with the hubby, then it is whiskey and cokes and chips and salsa!

  5. Congrats to your winners!

    Frankly, what’s the point of watching a movie if one doesn’t get to snack?! Let’s see, the last movie was six weeks or more ago…we had a bowl of mixed goodies including Jax, popcorn, potato chips, and jelly beans. I think it was in response to one of Brin’s posts at My Messy Thrilling Life to throw in the jelly beans.

    Now at the theater I want buttered popcorn and a Mountain Dew slurpee. That doesn’t happen very often…last July was the last time.

    And, yes, I’m sure that you care deeply about these things. ;D

  6. I eat popcorn with either Tony Chachere’s or fresh ground black pepper on top, with Dr. Pepper. I like to pop kernels in my popcorn popper with lots of butter and a little salt and lots of pepper. After it’s popped, I top it off with more pepper or Tony’s.

    Just so you know, if you ever decide to eat Tony’s on your popcorn, you should have a bottle of water, because you will cough almost after each bite, and the first bite will take your breath away.

  7. 9 times out of 10 it is micro popcorn with butter added and seasoning salt – the other 1 time would be chips (we rarely buy them because I can eat all of them in one sitting)

  8. Yes I like to snack while watching a movie. It could be just about anything that I can get a hold of to snack on from junk food to fruit or veggies it all depends on my mood and what is available. I do have a preference for food that crunch though.

  9. I am pretty sure you are not even ALLOWED to watch a movie without a snack…can I get an “AMEN!!!”? We are nerds…we go crazy because it’s rare we are all still enough to sit down and watch a movie…so we eat popcorn, twizzlers and whoppers…which my 7 year old calls “Wobbles”. Oh, yeah…movie night is a treasure indeed!

  10. I usually start off watching a movie at home with my meal (lunch or dinner–depending on the time), but no snacks. I try not to snack.

  11. Before I acquired food allergies, I would snack all the time when I watched a movie. Now I just eat my dinner or I don’t eat at all. Before the allergies, I would snack on popcorn. Not just any popcorn mind you. It was homemade popcorn, popped in a but load of oil, and covered in powdered cheese and sour cream and onion flavorings. We would eat a whole batch each. Then we would have desert☺ Have a great day!!!!

  12. No snacks…never thought about it.
    I do have popped corn sometimes on Sunday afternoon while reading a book. Not the microwave stuff(don’t own one) but good pan popped. It’s really good popped with bacon grease but we don’t eat meat anymore soo…no grease.

  13. LOL Tanya – I love how you are interested in this stuff. I snack when I am watching anything at home, be it a movie or the news. I have the same snacks all the time and choose what takes my fancy – rice crackers and dip, sweets, chocolate and crumpets and jam are the most common.

  14. There is an unwritten law that says you have to snack while watching a movie. I like chips and dip and something chocolate.

  15. lately, we’ve had a lot of movie nights at home. we’ll set up tv trays, close the blinds and blast the surround sound.
    and the snacks… well, sometimes, it’s the whole dinner… or popcorn… candy bars… ice cream… or whatever sounds good that day.
    my favorite lately is trader joe’s white cheddar popcorn and a big glass of ice cold something or other, usually, new castle ale! 🙂

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