April 16

Sunday morning the girl child looked like this.

And by Monday evening…





She looked like this.

It is shorter, sassier, and plain old cute.


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19 thoughts on “April 16”

  1. I agree, her hair color is wonderful. I also have a lot of different colors in my hair, no black though, and so many people tell me they wish they had it naturally. My hair is very much like my mother’s so I’m hoping that as I grow older, and the gray comes in more, that I will develop the natural frost that she did in her 50’s.

    I do miss K’s long hair though. I loved seeing the different ways she fixed it.

  2. I liked the curls, and I also like this new, short, straight do. It’s so chic. You are lucky to have a face that can wear any hair style. Adorable!!

  3. I love it.And I think Julie Beth meant to say “definitely” , not “defiantly” turning into a lovely young lady.

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