April 15

When I married Superman over 17 years ago, I had no idea he had a secret obsession.

My first clue was about 6 months or so after we got married and he began to go to the grocery with me.

He would always go down the condiment isle and stand in front of the barbecue sauce, suggesting a new one, a different one, a ‘tastier’ one.

I would always say “Honey, we still have some at home.”

He would pout, and I would purchase sauce.

We have 11 different kinds of sauces in the fridge at the moment.   Mustard barbecue sauce, apple butter barbecue sauce, sweet sauce, hot sauce, steak sauce, Oh…and lets not forget the Sriracha sauce that only people that have already burnt off their taste buds could eat.

Then, Superman found a sauce that  I was interested in.

Country Bob’s.

I fell in love with this sauce, and in the 15 years since, our fridge has never been without it.

This stuff is fantastic!   It isn’t sticky sweet, it isn’t overpoweringly bold, and it isn’t understated either.

It is perfect!

But you know what is the best thing for me about this is?

About 2 years after I had been gobbling up this wonderful stuff, I finally read the label, and saw this little gem.   It made this sauce even better for me.

So, when Country Bob’s got a hold of me and asked if I’d be willing to make something with their sauce, I jumped at the chance, ’cause Internet, they sent me 2…TWO… bottles of this deliciousness.

I have put this stuff in everything.   Even soup.

Let me show you what I did this time.

First I took a pound of smoked sausage and chopped it into wee slices.

Then I took about ¾ a cup of Country Bobs.

And about ¾ a cup of maple syrup.

Pour it all into a skillet over medium high heat, and bring to a boil.

Simmer for about 15 minutes or until the sausage is heated through.

This made a lot of sauce, so you could put 2 pounds of sausage into the pot, and still have plenty of sauce.

You can also make this in the crock pot.   Just dump it all in there and heat for about 2 hours.

This would make a great appetizer, or you could serve this over rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes…or you could just eat it with a spoon.

Now for what Applie has been waiting for.

The contest.

Country Bob’s is  graciously allowing me to give away 2, 2 bottle prizes.

To enter, leave a comment letting me know how you would use this sauce if you had it in your fridge right now.

You have till Thursday at 8pm Eastern time to enter.   One entry per person please.

Winners will be announced Friday morning after the nosy question.



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  1. Ooo yum! I’d buy it just because of the label. How neat is that! I would make this with meatballs, just like you did with the sausage. The meatballs would be great on a bun or plain in the girls lunch box. They would eat them by stabbing one at a time with chop sticks. LOL

    Thanks for telling me what my prize is ;), and I expect it delivered in person. 🙂

  2. I would use it first on my first of the year grilled burgers and chicken. Then my hubby would put it on everything I cook, he even likes bbq on stir fry. We love that it has a reference to Him, our Savior on it!

  3. Two words: pulled pork. Yum! I love barbecue sauce and I thought that all of the kinds that you described sounded delicious. But I’m especially intrigued by Country Bob’s if you’ve been hooked on it for 15 years!

  4. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Maybe baked chicken and sausage or on scrambled hamburger meat to put on a bun. This sauce sounds delicious. I love the Christ is our CEO on the label!

  5. My family is just like Superman. We love sauce! 🙂

    I would start with ribs, then I would try it on every grilled or baked meat I prepare. My boys are “dippers” so I’m sure they would even dip their vienna sausages, hot dogs, and chicken tenders. :p

    LOVE their testimony on the label!!

  6. I want to try this as a marinade for chicken. I know that sounds ridiculously boring, but I would love to do a mixture of buttermilk and Country Bob’s, and then make fried chicken out of that. I feel like it would be awesome. I’d also like using it for a chicken club. I feel like you could do a great chicken club with barbecue sauce, bacon, some avocado and stuff.

  7. Do I have to choose just one thing to try it on first? I’d want to try it on everything! But putting it on chicken and pork chops sounds especially good. Also, when we have just a little left bit of roast left over, we mix it with barbeque sauce and have barbeque, and it’s so good!

  8. Hey chocolatechic! I’ve been reading your site for a long time, but never left a comment. Love your writing and photography. What camera/lens do you use? Regarding Country Bob’s …. we’ve had the sauce in our refridge constantly for years. You’re right on it’s versatility. Just checked and we could use a couple of new bottles, so hope I win. Most recently used it straight out of the bottle on some cubed steak in the crock pot.

  9. We discovered Country Bob’s once when we drove out to Missouri to visit you several years ago. We got it at a steakhouse in Illinois. it used to be the only place we could get it so we used to stop in Illinois & get a few bottles every time we came to visit you. Finally they started selling it at Max McFarlands Meat Market in Spfld. Now I can find it in most stores. I really like it.

  10. We’ve got the grill going year-round. Here are just a few ways I’d use such a lovely sauce:

    * grilled chicken breasts with Country Bob’s mopped on. Served on soft white rolls with thick-cut bacon, American cheese, and a teeny tiny bit of onion
    * grilled barbecue salmon, with Country Bob’s baked on, yum!
    * I’d smother a couple of pork tenderloins in Country Bob’s and throw them on the grill. My mouth is totally watering!
    * in meatloaf… replacing the usual ketchup tat gets mixed in with the meat with a little Country Bob’s instead. Also a glaze of Country Bob’s on top

  11. I’m with you the label alone makes this an item I would be willing to purchase.

    As for how I would use it here in my home:

    1) use it in my meatloaf
    2) use with pulled pork or beef in place of the usual barbecue sauce
    3) on either baked or grilled chicken

    I think that the next time I’m in the grocery store I will look on the condiment isle to find this concoction.

  12. I brush it on a pizza crust…and add the toppings. I do not care for the red sauce on pizza, but found this to be great! I love to put chicken, pork and veggies together…great stuff….

  13. I love this sauce, too. It is excellent with a smoked pork butt. In fact, if I had some in my fridge right now, that is exactly what I would use it for. However, I like your idea, too.

  14. My first thought of using this sauce would be on some ribs that I have hanging out in the freezer. Let them cook in the oven over moist heat and then baste them before serving with the sauce. Then I thought about my oldest son’s favorite pizza…bbq chicken. I would put this on the crust and cover with sliced chicken, red onions and some shredded cheese and bake. Yummy! Now I am craving bbq chicken pizza.

  15. I have been reading this blog for ages(my 10 year old son loves it too). The contest brought me out of “lurkdom.” I would do two things with the sauce. First, I’d fire up my grill and try it on some salmon. Second, I would make my son come up with a recipe for it(did I mention we are homeschoolers?).

  16. OOOHH so many recipes so little sauce…

    marinade chicken for grilling, BBQ Sloppy Joes, homemade BBQ venison jerkey, and crock pot a moose roast low and slow then shred and eat on homemade italian buns with grandmas fabulous coleslaw. ( I better stop, I’m drooling on my keyboard…)

  17. I’d use Country Bob’s sauce with Kielbasa minus the maple syrup and I’d add onion slices. I’d serve it with brown rice and some sort of vegetable and a salad. Guess that I’ll have to look for some Country Bob’s since it comes so highly recommended. I take everything you say very seriously y’know.

  18. Well, I would be using it in my meatloaf or with pulled pork or to dip my potato wedges in. I love bbq sauce. I will be looking for that sauce in the grocery now!

  19. Please put me in the drawing! That looks absolutely delicious with those sausages!!! YUMM-O!!! If I had that sauce in my fridge right now, I would do exactly what you did. (I’m a copy-cat!) LOL

  20. From what I can see of the label, it has real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, which every jar of bbq sauce I’ve checked in the grocery does have. I’d buy it for that reason alone, but it looks really good in the pictures. Can’t wait to try it.

  21. Ok, so this is my first time entering a blog giveaway!

    I love the recipe you posted, and since I’m Polish, and since my husband’s name is Bob, and since my Bob was born in the country (northern Vermont), and since he also thinks he was born to create bbq sauce…! I’m seeing a theme running through here!! 🙂

  22. My husband loves Country Bob’s. I buy it in bulk. (No kidding) He occasionally tries to “class it up” a bit by calling it “Rural Robert.”

    He puts it on everything he eats. Hambugers aren’t done without Rural Robert. He puts it on liver and onions, in beans and rice, even on his omlets of eggs, hot dogs, and a bit of cheese.

    Any restaurant he goes into, he asks for Country Bob’s and most of them have it. He’s sorely disappointed when they don’t. In restaurants he puts it on steak, liver, salmon, baked potato, etc.

    He says his favorite thing to do with Country Bob’s is to put it in chili.

  23. If I had Country Bob’s, I would mix a little in with some ground turkey and make burgers, then I would top with grilled onions, bacon, cheese, and Country Bobs – all placed on an onion bun.


  24. WOW..I would buy it just because of the “Christ is our CEO” on the label!
    I would start by putting it on our veggie burgers mixed with horseradish sauce!
    I will have to see if they sell it in NC…

  25. I would take the country bob’s and make my oriental pork. I immediately thought of this when I saw you use maple syrup with it. It’s teryaki sauce, soy sauce, a little garlic and brown sugar, and I use Lee & Perrins steak sauce. BUT I think this would be MUCH better. Take pork steaks (NOT chops, NEVER chops) and marinate for about 2-4 hours (in a pinch 20-30 minutes ok, but much better longer. Then grill or bake – THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!! If i don’t win, where can i find it?

    Love your blog – read it everyday….

  26. You know how I am with barbecued chicken. I would have to try it on that. It would have to be pretty good to top my homemade stuff!!

  27. After reading all the previous comments — I think I would try it on “everything” — but to be honest my first thought was pulled pork. Is it available everywhere???

  28. BBQ chicken sandwiches.

    Cook chicken breasts in the crockpot with a small amount of water, 1/2 a pack of dry italian dressing mix, 3 T chopped garlic and 1/2 an onion chopped. Allow to cook on low for about 4 hours.

    Shredd chicken and add sauce until moistened. Add back about 1/4 c of the cooking juices along with 1 teaspoon liquid smoke.

    Serve on whole wheat buns topped with slices of pepperjack cheese.

  29. OK, this is definitely going to sound wierd but I’m going to use Country Bob’s sauce to dress some potato gnocchi’s. They’re kind of plain and I like to spice them up with something called Sweet Greek Dressing. I think Country Bob’s needs a shot at the gnocchi. I also put just a bit of sour cream on the side. When it’s all mixed up it will be heaven.

    – Suzanne

    P.S. If I don’t win I can just take a road trip down to Centralia and pick some up. I’m always up for road trips you know!

  30. Yum – I will have to try this sauce!
    I would do a bbq chicken pizza with homemade dough. We do our bbq chicken pizza with bbq sauce, chicken, red peppers, mushrooms, Gorgonzola cheese,bacon (we bought a whole pig from our friend who is a farmer, and it is the BEST bacon EVER!!!!), very light sauteed onion (chopped tiny!) a little bit of shredded cheddar, and a lot of mozzarella!

  31. Well, first I would add a couple tablespoons of almond paste…..

    I would get me some baby back ribs and slather them up with Country Bob’s sauce. Then I’d have to ask someone just exactly how you cook ribs. Hubby does not eat pork and out of respect for him, we rarely have it in the house. We could…I just normally don’t. I CAN cook, just not ribs.

    The sauce has me jonesing for pork ribs, so that’s what I’d do.

  32. I wasn’t really entering the contest, it was just one of my memories but when I have it I use it on chicken on the grill or for little bbq smokies. Amber’s bbq pizza sounds good though

  33. There are so many recipes that come to mind, but the first is a fried bologna sandwich, with the very thick bologna, onions, toasted buns with onion rings to dip & whatever you want to place on your sandwich.

  34. I also love this stuff! I would go to Sugar Valley Meats and get some fresh cut pork babyback ribs. Then I would take my Luisiana Grills Smoker and fill it with Hickory pellets. I would but a light rub on the ribs and smoke them for about an hour then every 15 minutes brush some Country Bob’s on over the next 2 hours. Then let them smoke for an aditional 1 hour. Then serve them with Country Bob’s on the side to dip. Would serve with rosemary redskin potatoes, green beans w/ bacon bits, a light garden salad, and fresh squeezed lemonade!

  35. I NEED this…I mean N*E*E*D…this sauce.

    Mostly, because I can’t cook (gasp…oh the horror!). So I need this sauce…because anything that makes my meals “tasty” and wonderful (and also happens to fool people into thinking that I am a culinary genius)…is a MUST have. Plus…the CEO is a personal friend of mine…so there it is. :0)

    Blessings to you!

  36. Well I would start by putting it over hamburger steaks, then I would put it on chops, chicken, and maybe even try just a tad on my scrambled eggs! What a great give away. did you sign up for mine, if not, jump on over and leave a comment!
    Your daughter’s hair is P-r-e-c-i-o-u-s!!!

  37. i barely have any food in my fridge but i have TONS of sauces, marinades, you name it. i can’t resist buying them.

    i would make a bbq pizza and something very close to what you just posted. curious what kind of soup you used this in… maybe i’d try something like that.

  38. I like to use BBQ sauce in BBQ Cups. My husband likes it on his hamburgers. And we’ll top baby back ribs with BBQ sauce. But if I won a bottle, I’d probably just open it and dip my finger in to see how it tastes. 🙂

  39. I LOVE Country Bob’s. I’d mix it half and half with REAL mayo (not miracle whip) and put some on a grilled burger with a big slice of onion and a garden fresh slice of tomato (a girl can dream, right) and a soft, fresh bun. Then I’d use the rest of this concoction to dip my piping hot, salty french fries in.

    Wow, now I’m hungry.

  40. My husband, Dale, who is in Iraq and comes home on June 22 for a 15 day leave would love this sauce on his favorite meal of all time Baby Back Ribs which I would smoke on the grill for him!

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