April 14

Today’s TWD recipe that Holly from Phe/MOM/enon picked is a 15-minute Magic: Chocolate Amaretti Torte.


15 minutes.


What could go wrong?


First I went to stores trying to find Amaretti cookies.

Amaretti cookies are a specialty item don’tcha’ know, and Pothole doesn’t carry ‘specialty items’.


So I read the Q&A’s on this cookie, and interestingly there are other parts of the country that don’t carry ‘specialty items’, or they are just so ‘special’ that they cost an arm AND a leg, so a recipe was found for these wonderful cookies.

I read the recipe and saw that I needed almond paste.

I don’t have any almond paste in my pantry.

So I went to speak to The Budget.

I asked The Budget if I could please… please… Pretty Please get me some almond paste for these wonderful cookies so that I could make this fabulous CHOCOLATE torte.

Obviously I haven’t had to use my sad, sorry, pouty face… that I perfected in my teen years… in quite some time, because  The Budget laughed in my face and said “Chickypoo!  Haven’t you heard of The E. con. O. meeee?

I admitted that I had, but it was just one wee little bit of almond paste.

The Budget firmly shook its head no, and I stomped my foot.

That, Internet,  is why I wasn’t able to make a fabulous 15-minute Chocolate Ameretti Torte.

Darn that old budget.

Darn the  e. con. o. mee!


PS.  Don’t forget that I am having a give-a-way tomorrow.   An actual sponsored give-a-way.  Come back tomorrow to enter.



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58 thoughts on “April 14”

  1. I’m kind of sad that I missed your gorgeous shots and commentary while making this torte. Luckily no budget or ecomony can get in the way of bread pudding next week!

  2. Oh no – I thought you would love this one. I even mentioned you on my post this week. It was a bit on the expensive side though for what you get. I loved it, but won’t be making it a ton of times more. I’m having a give-away too, come over and sign up!!

  3. Cat’s comment made me cackle. I ditto what she said. PS. We needed almond paste? I made it and I don’t remember needed almond paste. Ooops!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  4. I’m with you, darn the e. con. o. mee! Would have loved to see your fabulous pictures!

    I was out of town for your last few posts. Hope Easter was a blessed time for you, and K was lovely in her Easter dress. I forgot to take my camera with me so I didn’t get pics of my girlies in the skirts I made them. Bad Mommmy! 😦

  5. Isn’t almond paste similar to almond butter? Or, almonds ground into a paste? I remember seeing alot of almond products in amish country.

  6. Had I not found the Amaretti already packaged, made for me (, (not to mention it is the ONLY thing I had to buy as I had everything else on hand.) I would have skipped it too!

  7. ok, we must fix this…I have extra mini amarettis just hanging at my house–want me to send them to you?? sure they’ll get crushed in transit, but they’re SUPPOSED to be ground up anyways! (really, I would send them to you if you are intersted, I kid you not!)

    This is a chocolate recipe afterall, of anyone on TWD, Chic cannot go without making it!! 🙂

  8. Bummer, I echo the others in that I wanted to see your photos of this chocolate goodness. We liked it. The recipe I used for the homemade amaretti (from Mario Batali) didn’t take almond paste, which helped me decide which recipe to use. The almonds and chocolate were the big cost factors here. Hope you can at least try this torte sometime.

  9. This one was a winner, but I made concessions to The Budget by eliminating the glaze and whipped cream topping. Of course, The Thighs and The Derriere were also considered in making this decision.

  10. Oh,no. I found the cookies at Big lots for $2.20 and stocked up because this recipe was soooo good. I will mail you some if you still want to make this, because I know you’d love it. Email me your address.

  11. Your post was great, even without the torte! It sounds like your mailbox is going to be full of amaretti, though, so we might see pictures of your torte very soon : )

  12. Mr. Budget is adorable…LOL! I am thinking maybe gingersnaps, the crunchy kind, might work nicely…of course, you should evaluate that with your chocolate-loving friends first, as I don’t know how that would taste, but the texture is possibly correct. Very cute post…and Mr. Budget is right: it’s a tough world these days and TWD ingredients are probably one of the first to get the axe.

  13. Oh no. This was such a great recipe – be sure to keep it in mind for the future! I was lucky to be able to find the cookies at a reasonable price.

  14. Sorry you missed this one, it was so good. Someone suggested using gingersnaps and pecans for a different taste; and these items are in every market. Even “The Budget” would give you the go ahead, LOL!!!

  15. Love your blog! “The Budget” seems to be quite strict. I found a less expensive way to make this torte – used Nilla Wafers and almond essence. If you decide to make this, use a teasp. of essence – I used 1/2 and it wasn’t almondy enough. I’ve got almost 3/4 pack of Nilla Wafers left for another round – it is the most fabulous cake. Easy and delicious, without the expensive ingredients.

  16. Let us all know if you get some amaretti in the mail and make this cake! Although the substitute suggestions are all good also. The torte is very good; opinions vary on just HOW good, though!

  17. Aww bummer! Sorry you didn’t get to make it! The recipe I used for the cookies didn’t use almond paste but whole almonds ground in the food processor. Oh well, maybe another time!

  18. LOL LOL LOL Too funny that post! LOL

    But pretty sad you didn’t get to make it, for it was pretty amazing. I do have to admit… they cost an arm and a leg (but they are very worth it… thought you’d wanna know in case when the e.con.o.mee is better, you’d want to taste test! LOL).

  19. The Budget is being very stern with me, as well. Meanies! Luckily I found a bag of amaretti for $3 at my local italian store, I could swing that at least. 🙂

  20. I didn’t make this one either, just no time with Easter and all. But I don’t have almond paste in my cupboard either so I would have been in trouble too.

    I did make the French Pear Tart for Easter Dinner and it was delicious. So we’re happy.

    I am looking forward to the TWD Bread Pudding next week!

  21. hee… this recipe takes more than 15 minutes for TWD-ers like us who can’t get store bought amaretti. Sorry that you were not able to join, see you next week!

  22. Girl, I love your posts so much! I hate that you could not make this. I took time out of my morning to come to your site to see what you did. So here is my deal. I never want this to happen again. I live in Houston. We have everything under the sun. I mean the food shopping here and availability is every foodies dream. Next time, let me know in advance what you might need. I will send it to you, just so I can see your awesome post! Have a good one. I am going to go read your other post!

  23. Mmmm! My mother makes chicken all the time for dinner. If I had some of this sauce I could hand it to her so she could pour it all over that tasty bird! 🙂

    Thank you ahead of time for my prize, cause, I already know I’ll win. 😉

    God bless!

  24. Oh, that’s a shame! The recipe I found for amaretti uses almonds rather than almond paste. Not quite as expensive, and totally worth every penny. I liked the amaretti better than the torte, actually — kept popping those things like potato chips.

  25. i couldn’t find amaretti either, so i used butter cookies 😉 it was good! maybe a little drier than with amaretti, but hey, it had the glaze on top which made everything better 😉

  26. Oh no! I have to confess that now I have moved, sourcing some of this stuff is going to become harder and more expensive for me too. Don’t think there’s too many specialty Italian bakeries in Brizvegas. Thanks God I was in Melbourne when I had to make this.

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