April 13

When I was a little girl, way back in the dark ages according to the chips,  Grams would buy Sister and I Easter outfits.

I  don’t remember what my outfits looked like, but I do remember is the brand new patent leather Mary Janes.   I remember wearing them out of the store, and prancing around in them thinking that absolutely everyone that looked at me could just tell that I had on new shoes, and those shoes made me look like a Princess.

I loved hearing them clip clop on the mall’s tiled floor and thinking that I sounded just like  mom when she wore her high heels and OH! MY! didn’t I sound all grown up!

This year, like most every year, mom purchased the most adorable dress for the girl.

So in time honored tradition, I drug the girl outside, made her stand beside a vehicle so I could take her picture.

Superman…poor guy….no, he isn’t on drugs, and yes! he needs a hair cut.



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16 thoughts on “April 13”

  1. Hahaha…my parents always made me stand by a vehicle when getting pictures taken. I’m not sure what the significance of that was, exactly. It seemed especially true when we had out of town guests, let’s all go out by the car and take a picture before you leave.

    Your Mom did a great job picking out a pretty dress for the girl!

  2. Her dress is so pretty! This year I shopped the kid’s closets and found outfits for them. The time slipped by so fast that I didn’t have time to go buy anything. We set up the camera on a timer and took a family picture, sitting in our driveway by the flower bed!

    I always liked getting a new dress for Easter, it felt really special.

  3. She looks lovely and very nice there next to her dad. She is fortunate to have a grandmother with good taste and It is wonderful that she liked it and wore it.

    My daughter struggled in finding anything that she liked and her mom & dad approved of. The dress your girl is wearing would have been acceptable but I’m not sure she would have worn it. =(

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