April 10

It is Good Friday, Internet, and I am nosy.

Everyone has different traditions for Easter.

I’d love to hear how you celebrated Easter when you were a kid, and how you celebrate it now…’cause like I said…I’m nosy!



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  1. My mom always made up huge Easter baskets full of candy for us that were waiting when we came down to breakfast – as we got older, we ended up being the ones to assemble the baskets the night before! Oddly enough, that didn’t take the fun out of it… We always made a special dinner too, using lamb from our flock (yes, we raised sheep growing up), so the afternoon was spent in the kitchen, cooking together. Fun times. Now? I’m trying to convince the boyfriend to do a fun dinner, we’ll see if he cooperates 🙂

  2. My grandmother was a milliner and that meant we all had new Easter bonnets to wear to church. Dinner consisted of ham, sweet potatoes, biscuits. We all got candy filled baskets that the Easter bunny dropped off in the middle of the night.

    – Suzanne

  3. The Easter Bunny always visited me. He brought tons of Cadbury Eggs, which, have been my favorite since their creation back in the 80’s. My Mom has a daycare home, so, the week before Easter, I enjoyed making mini baskets for the children with the green plastic strawberry baskets we’d get from the local grocery store that we had saved. I made handles for the baskets out of pipe cleaners and doled out the candy, making sure that no child got more than the other, because they would surely fight if another kid got more than they did.
    My Mom would always make a ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies and the packaged rolls that I called “bumpy rolls”. (Three bumps on the top) She always made one of her chocolate pound cakes that I just adore.

    Happy Easter, Tanya!!!!

  4. didn’t really celebrate it as a kid (I know sad and stuff), but my hubby spoils me on Easter with peanut butter eggs, candy and stuff from Williams Sonoma (not so sad right? LOL).

  5. My mom would always make up a really awesome easter basket.. from the time i was able to walk..and put in it ALWAYS a sobe drink… chapstick..my favorite chocolates and jelly beans.. you name it. The best part though, was that she HID the baskets and we had to find them. That was so fun 🙂 NOW: I beg my husband to do the same… he doesn’t. haha. Sucks being an adult sometimes 😉

  6. When I was small we always came down to find a stash the Easter bunny had left – big Easter dinner.

    For my son we have an egg hunt but with plastic eggs with clues (and mini eggs and coins) inside leading him to the next egg, after 24 eggs & clues he finds the chocolate stash (usually hidden in the dryer or garage). He is 12 this yr but doesn’t want it to end.
    I have to think up some good clues fast!

    A favorite one is “I’m hiding in the dark with the things that cover your butt!” (it’s in his underwear drawer :))

    We do a big turkey or ham dinner too.

  7. Growing up we always hid our dyed Easter eggs around the yard. We had to hurry and find them because our dog liked to follow my parents around and gobble the eggs (shells and all) as quick as they hid them. We had baskets that were always filled with an Easter bunny, jelly beans and crayons. As we got older they would put some money in the plastic eggs. My mom still makes bakedd ham with macaroni and cheese, just like she did when I was a child. My Grandmother always made the best potato salad and banana pudding. I try and make them every year in her honor. Easter was a holiday my Grandmother loved. She always brought he best chocolates. They were white chocolate lambs and milk chocolate ducks. I’ve looked everywhere for them and can’t find them.

  8. I have video. Mom sewed for us 3 girls dresses that were alike but a different color complete with crinoline skirts to hold our dresses way out and we hunted eggs. Of course we were adorable and the video shows that we knew it.

  9. I hand out LARGE chocolate easter bunnies and we have an easter egg hunt with money in the eggs.
    Of course our main focus is Jesus and we love fellowshipping with our friends after service!

  10. I don’t remember celebrating it much as a kid. My mother and I would go to church, and I would participate in an egg hunt only if it was happening at church. As an adult, I don’t do anything at all but go to (virtual) church. I even forget when it comes until others remind me.

  11. We would color eggs and wake up to baskets filled with goodies. Up until my mom got so sick , she still made us all baskets. I was 59 the last basket I got from her.We usually had ham and the trimmings that go with that.

  12. I’m late with this reply but better late than never.

    When I was a kid I would get a new dress (sometimes mom would be brave and make one for me), new shoes, new purse, new hat and gloves. The base chapel would always have an Easter egg hunt either on Saturday or Early Sunday. At times we would color eggs and mom would eat them (when I was older she would share with my dog because no one else would eat them). Sometimes we would do a hunt in the house, cold Alaska Easters, and at the end we would find our baskets.

  13. My mother steadfastly refused to celebrate Easter in any other way but the biblical way. Easter was one of the most sacred of holidays, and she would NOT see it commercialized. (But, we did color eggs once in a while.)

  14. My answer to this post is late but I’m going to answer anyway because I love Easter. When I was little, I always woke up to an Easter basket with candy (lots of chocolate) and a new Easter dress and bonnet. We always died eggs the day before Easter and we always had an egg hunt when we got home after church. If it was raining then the egg hunt was inside but I think that most of the time we were able to hunt outside. I don’t remember a lot about what we ate that day (probably because I always ate so much candy from the basket) but I do remember that there were always strawberries. I hope that you had a happy Easter and your daughter looks beautiful in her dress!

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