April 7

Superman’s favorite pie is banana cream.

I think I have made it for him once.

Why?   Why would I not make my hero his favorite pie on a regular basis, especially when it is so easy?

Because I’m a slacker I don’t care for banana cream pie chocolate is better it is so easy, and I feel like I’m cheating.


Blind baking a store bought crust…

Throw some chopped bananas in the bottom…

Some instant vanilla pudding on top of that…

Top with cool whip, and voila…Superman is a happy man.

It is just to easy.   I must complicate my life somehow.

Well, today’s TWD  isn’t cheating at all.   Today’s TWD Banana Cream pie that Amy of Sing for your Supper picked for us is amped. up. on. steroids.

First I didn’t bake Dorie’s crust like I was told..I’m a rebel like that.

I made a graham cracker crust which I amped up on steroids!

To my bag of graham crackers, I added the usual…½ c. sugar, 1 stick of melted butter aaaaand a handful of walnuts and a spritzering of cinnamon.

Then I baked it to make it all crispy.

I tasted it before I put it in the pie plate, and Internet!,  if I hadn’t have been making a crust out of  this it would have just been me, the graham cracker crumbs and a spoon!

I heart bananas.   They are the perfect fruit.   Sweet like candy, but nutritious like spinach.

Maybe that’s why I don’t like to use them in a pie.  I’d just rather eat one plain.

I have officially changed my mind.

When those lovelies are layered in between a custard that has cinnamon and nutmeg added to the mix, it becomes this totally different pie.

Cool whip schmool whip!

Make some home made whipped cream, but crank it up with a blurb of sour cream.

Then comes the part that I just can’t stand in the baking process.

The waiting cooling.

I just worked all this time to make a scrumptious pie I want to eat it now..Now…NOW!

But since I must act like an adult some time, I restrain myself and wait.

Oh it was so worth it.   This banana cream pie isn’t like any other one I have ever tasted.   This one you can tell is made with all sorts of love, and  you know it didn’t take 10 minutes to throw together.

Go check out Amy’s blog, grab the recipe there and make this pie.



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82 thoughts on “April 7”

  1. I think my wife got cheated when she bought her measuring cups and spoons. I have looked in every one of her drawers and I have YET to find “spritzering” spoon or a “blurb” cup! No wonder people can’t get it right! They don’t have the right tools!

  2. I so look forward to reading your posts…a treat for the eye with photos and always a great narrative to go along. The photos always make me want to eat the recipe of the week all over again!!!

  3. Oh my…I thought for sure I would see some chocolate snuck into your pie! 😉 It looks amazing! My custard/pastry cream ran out of the pie the second I cut it!

  4. Oh, the photos this week are the best ever…the absolute best EVER! You win. Seriously, your pie looks delicious, beautiful, and just too good to pass up…happy to hear that Superman got one of his favorites this week. To be truthful, I really expected that there would be SOME way you would have worked chocolate into this (see Caitlin’s blog????) Great job…the best!

  5. Your graham cracker crust sounds really, really, good! And your pie looks delcious. I really need to remember to save some of my TWD treasures to eat while I read everyone’s posts as they bring upon serious cravings! Especially the pictures.

  6. I’m all for those Dream Whip pies when in a hurry to please, but yes, this pie was SO good! Love, once again, as usual, your photos. I so wish I hadn’t just made half a recipe and had company over to share it with. I know I’ll be making this again and just might have to do your graham cracker crust! Awesome!

  7. Oh my, yours looks perfect! wow, I love the last shot with the layering of apples. Yummers!

    Oh, by the way, I did bake my crust with pie weights initially. Still got the dreaded shrinkage. 😦

  8. My hubby also loves banana cream pie, though there are few pies he does not love =D

    I’ll admit that I usually take the easy way out when making this pie as I am usually pressed for time. I think that when I get on my laptop I’m going to save the recipe there so that I can print it out and then utilize your recipe for the crust – I love graham cracker crusts but I’ll be honest again to say that I usually buy the crust. 😮 Hubby will love this pie but I think that I will find a way to put chocolate in it as well, for me don’t you know. 🙂

  9. That graham cracker crust just became my standby for cheesecake, pie, all pies. Fantastic. And your pie looks gorgeous.

  10. I hate graham crusts – but LOVE the addition of nuts! They’re so plain, I hardly make them, but can’t wait to grind some pecans in it and give it a try! Great idea! The pie looks (as usual) – perfect!

  11. Man, your banana cream pie must’ve been awful rich! When I logged on to your blog this morning, my computer got so slow I had to re-boot. It ran like I do after Thanksgiving dinner. Just got done cleaning all the pudding out of my computer case.

    1. Well….because she is allergic to so many things, she gets totally different meals than we do, however, I am able to get some desserts for her…they just don’t taste the same.

      She is happy to get them though.

  12. There you go with those food porn photos again. The pie and every photo is just amazing. We decided that next time we would just skip the crust, stir the bananas into the filling, add the yummy topping, and just eat it as is.

  13. LOL LOL LOL I’m cracking up here! Are you really trying to make us believe that the only reason you don’t make superman the banana cream pie is cause it’s too easy!? C’mon… Chic… we knoe you better than that! LOL LOL LOL …perhaps you should try chocolate banana cream pie, next time! LOL

    What ever you say… It’s pretty darn nice to have made such a nice one for him (from scratch!).

  14. Beautiful as always. You can even see the “spicey” details in your custard. Amazing. Looks absolutely lush. I especially like the way you spread your topping. Nice touch.

  15. Tanya,
    It says a lot about this pie if you’re raving about it (and it has NO chocolate). 😉

    If you’re interested in getting a dose of chocolate in this, I suggest either layering a chocolate ganache on the crust before filling with the other ingredients, or substituting a chocolate pastry cream. Yes, I admit I’ve made this pie more times than I care to admit…*sigh*.

    Great job — with your gorgeous photos, I feel like I’m there baking along with you!

  16. Walnuts in that crust is a great idea along with the spices. graham cracker crusts are really good anyway, and walnuts are good for you. I’m definitely going to put some in my next one.

    The pie looks great too. I know Superman loved it.

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