April 6

I’m a people watcher.

I am nosy curious by nature, and people watching is a great way to 1.  satiate my curiosity and 2.  find out how others do things differently than you.

The mall is a great place to people watch.

From the young kid with his hands in the girls pockets~~they have a thing called a room, maybe you should get one~~or the frazzled mom with 3 young kids running circles around her stroller, to the little old man who lovingly takes his wife’s hand and pulls her close.

I also like to observe the shoes people wear, and the style of clothing they wear them with.

You see some really odd combinations at the mall.

You also see, and hear some really odd things when you sit in the X-ray waiting room for 4 hours.

I saw little old man who might weigh 90 pounds soaking wet, with his gown wrapped twice around him.  He was very sad to watch.  My heart just ached for him.

Then there was this  young guy that came in wearing a pair of  jeans with holes everywhere, biker boots and a hospital gown.  He only got a glance from me.  The holes were in all the wrong places.

A 39 year old woman in a wheel chair and her 78 year old  male “friend”.   The male friend has prostate cancer, don’tcha’ know.  They have been together for 5 years, and he has been the best thing for her.

A woman came in and sat in front of the TV when I was trying to watch Michael Chirrello entertain me on Food Network.   She didn’t stay long, but that was ok because I don’t really care for him.   Now if my BFF Paula Deen was on, there just might have been some words said.

Another woman came in and regaled us with the tale of her near death experience, the white light, the peace and how someone told her she wasn’t finished yet.   I think she just watched to much Ghost Whisperer.

I always come away from these experiences learning something about the human race, and I always wonder what others are observing about me.

Did they see a loving mother, did they see someone who listened politely, or did they see an over load of pink  on a woman that was bored out of her skull.



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  1. I’m a people watcher too. I wonder how they got to the point where they are…was it circumstance? did something happen in their life? did they come into a lot of money? did they lose everything they owned?

    It’s very interesting…

  2. People watching is always fun…..especially at doc offices!! At Mayo Clinic its depressing tho! No fun at all there.

    I loved hearing about all the kitchen colors on Friday’s post. Sage green and sandstorm I think were the color names for the new kitchen I waited 11 years for and love every inch of space of!!! I posted about it awhile back-http://www.hafdozenreasons.blogspot.com/2009/03/sneak-peek.html

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