April 4

Some random thoughts..


The writers of Lost have got to be smokin’ something, because it is just getting weirder and weirder.  Do they even know what they are doing?   I can just see them all sitting around the writers table throwing ideas out and going with it, regardless of how strange they are.

Where is Sun? and why did she follow Christian?

What is going to happen to the Losties now that they have given Ben away, and they have no way out?

I loved the look on Ben’s face when Locke said “Welcome back to the land of the living.”

Where is Sayid?

Where is Claire? and for that matter the rest of the original Losties?



I can not stand Coach!   He must go!!!

I want JT to win.


Amazing Race…

Please, please, please let Luke and Margie win.



Dancing With The Stars….

Confession…I voted for Steve Wozinak because he is a nice guy.


It is cold outside today and by next week, we should have s*** on the ground.   Bring back my 73º!

Then End.



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14 thoughts on “April 4”

  1. I almost feel like Lost needs to be two hours a week. One hour for each time period. It’s making me nuts.

    Survivor – agreed. Though I kind of like Taj too.

    DWTS – Thanks for voting for Steve. I would rather watch him dance badly than listen to Steve-O mouth off. Too bad not everyone agrees with that.

    1. I like Taj too. I was holding my breath when he was tallying the votes.

      I can not stand Steve-O….I know they have told him he has to watch his language, and because of that, he doesn’t know how to talk.

  2. I don’t watch any of those shows either. Spending way too much time here on the computer!

    I’m sending some SC warmth your way!! And thinking s*** stands for s-n-o-w!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love LOST even though I’ve been perpetually lost since I began watching it. Great questions. I try not to ask many. Wasn’t the dialog between Hurley and Miles last week a riot? They made me laugh as they analyzed what was going on much as a viewer would.

    All those other shows I’ve given up…

  4. I love to watch DWTS!!!!! My three favorite couples are Shawn and Mark, Melissa and Tony, and Giles and Cheryl. For those of you who don’t know, Giles is the French guy on Sex and the City. He is an amazing dancer…. not to mention that he and his voice are very sexy. As for Lost, I understand it entirely. I don’t know why mom doesn’t get it. For Survivor, I’m glad that Taj made it!!!!! I DON’T like Coach at all, and I want him gone. I love their new colors of green!!!! On Amazing Race, I want the shorties gone. I want Margie and Luke to win. I totally FREAKED out when Margie passed out!!!!! And I too want the warm weather back. Have a lovely day y’all!!!!!

  5. ohhhh Coach is such a drain! he so needs to go, why don’t those idiots stand up and get him off already–wussies.
    amazing race, yeah I’m with you, but I love the brother and sister because they work just as hard.
    dancing with the stars, I am so not into that show, but stever w. is really a VERY nice guy and I heard he was on there so I’m with you there Momma!

  6. Finally! Someone that watches Amazing Race! I don’t really have a favorite team. I just don’t want the brother and sister team to win because I think he treats his sister terribly. If just the sister could win, that would be cool.

  7. Lost?? They’re smoking crack. They “lost” me way back when that wheelchair-guy-who-no-longer-needed-a-wheelchair went underground to some kind of control room. This show reminds me of a strange one back in the 60’s starring Patrick McGoohan called, the Prisoner. Strange.

    I think the writers are sitting around and having a good laugh that they’re making people twist their brains inside out in order to understand the twisted plot.

    For some reason I’ve missed most of this season’s Survivor. I’ve seen enough to be sick of Coach.

    I don’t watch the other shows. Guess what??? That stinking white stuff is heading our way. Let’s do a sun dance.

    – Suzanne

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