April 3

Yesterday afternoon, the girl and I were sitting on the front porch and we saw Orange porch man outside.

I called him over so we could chat about his newly acquired 1969 or ’79 Buick sitting in his drive way.

During the course of the conversation we discussed his orange porch.

We found out that not only their porch is orange, but so is their kitchen and bath, and they will be painting their shutters orange as well.

Alrighty then.


It is Friday Internet, and I am nosy.

What color is your kitchen?   Do you like that color?   If you could redo your kitchen, what color would you make it?



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  1. I would redo my kitchen inpale yellow or pastel green.Right now it has little baskets and ducks wallcovering. I am moving tomorrow so I will have a new kitchen(with a dishwasher,HURRAY!)The kitchen in the apartment is cream colored.

  2. I’m with you about the orange in the kitchen & baths, it would bring me to insanity. My kitchen has been lots of colors, it was green when we moved in, yellow w/blue highlights, then blue with white highlights, it is now red and white. Not sure what the next color will be.

  3. I like Victorian colors, patterns, and designs. If I were to do a wall paper, it would be in creams,pale yellows, cornflower blue, and pinks. So, as long as its very Victorian, I’ll most likely like it. Before mom and Mr. Neighbor were talking about his Buick, I asked him if when my arm was healed, if he would take me for a ride on his Crotch Rocket. He said,”Sure.” I was like SCORE!!!!!!!!! Anywho, I was pretty excited. Then they offered me a babysitting job, to which I said sure. The we talked about their three day Disney cruse. Have a lovely day y’all!!!!

  4. Been a while since I gave in your nosiness… so I will today (not that anyone cares what color my kitchen, but just for the heck of telling! lol)

    My kitchen is a light chestnut color, with wooden floors and simili-wood counters. Cupboards are white painted wood and very old, some white glass panes (and I wouldn’t change them for the world!). Most of all accessories are red or wood. My appliances are white and the furniture composed of antiques (table, chairs, writing desk, book shelves, etc), mostly also wood or painted white and chipped. Its global look is very country-ish, without fuss, perhaps a bit Shaker.

    I am in the midst of deciding the renos I’m goind to bring to it, this coming summer. I want gray now, on the walls and the cupboards, and maybe granite, marble or real wood counters.


  5. My kitchen is a tannish color, accented in dark red (of course) and black. I wouldn’t change anything right now. I have wanted a blue and white kitchen before, never happened though.

  6. It’s terminally beige. But it is on the north side of the house and fairly dark. I brought color in through the window treatments and the items on the hutch. I need a new kitchen. Can someone please send one?

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. My kitchen is blue and yellow.I like the color combination, but it is badly in need of a re-do. There is not too much wall space to cover, the appliances and cabinets take up all the area. My kitchen it T.I.N.Y!

    One time we painted our bathroom to match some new towels. It looked to be a lovely pumpkin color. It did not take long for that to become a ‘hated’ color and repainted! So, I hear you about your ‘orange’ friend!

    Be blessed today

  8. My kitchen is a deep red, perhaps leaning a teeny bit toward purple. If I could change it right now, I’d go more red, more like a brick red. My “colors” in the kitchen are deep red and golden yellow. Cherry cabinets, wide pine floors, neutral countertops.

  9. Our kitchen is sage and I LOVE it! It is perfect and warm and I love it. Before we painted it was white with a hideous floral border (magenta, cranberry, grey). It is so much better now.

  10. My kitchen is generic apartment paint cream. B.O.R.I.N.G!
    I’m looking forward to moving this summer. We are going to be renting my friends house and that kitchen is a warm earth green. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

  11. Our kitchen is done in blue-willow. 🙂

    Our walls are oak, along with the cabinets, trim, and flooring.

    Our countertop is black. Appliances are black/white except for the fridge.

  12. My kitchen has beige walls… not my favorite colored cabinets, that kind of light wood color. But the decorations are mostly red and cream with some vintage kitchen signs hanging up 🙂 If i could change something I’d DEFINITELY get new appliances and new cabinets!

  13. My kitchen is shiny white on the top half of its old plaster walls. On the bottom is this ugly plastic stuff that is supposed to look like tiles (usually found on old bathrooms.) When we took down the wallpaper; the tiles were painted ugly aqua. We covered the aqua with a color called “Happy Camper” which is a tan, light mocha brown color. Along the chair rail, I added the Longaberger border with the fruit on it (and darn if I can’t remember the name of it…)I also have matching Valances in the window. I love my kitchen colors. My cabinets are painted shiny white. But, I hate my kitchen because it is long and narrow and only has a few cabinets and about 4 total feet of counter space. All the appliances sit in the room freestanding. So would I say good-bye to my Longaberger border to get a new kitchen? In a heartbeat!!!

  14. Not orange… It’s wallpapered…a sweet sheaf of wheat, a pineapple, and a wreath. I’m so over it. If I could, I’d paint the white fir paneling some sort of linen color and I’d repaint the cabinets in a cream or something. That’s my dilemma…”or something.” What about you?!

    1. Mine is this hideous blue, sage, cranberry and beige wall paper.


      and gag-me-with-a-spoon!

      But I love the cabinets. They are oak. I really need a bigger kitchen, but I am content.

  15. My kitchen is (almost) brand new: I’ve had it installed just before Christmas 2007. It’s a cherrywoord colour, all my accesories are red. Now I would really like a red kitchenaid stand mixer to go with my accesories 😉

  16. My kitchen, breakfast room and family room are all one big space so the walls in the family room are a kind of pale gold color, the walls in the kitchen are the red wallpaper that coordinates with the gold and there is a border that pulls it all together. Totally did it in the early 90’s and it’s probably totally dated but I don’t care. I still love it and when we put new tile (pale taupe, mottled color) backsplash and black granite countertops in the kitchen I begged and pleaded to preserve the wallpaper.

  17. Like every room in my house the kitchen is painted white. I do color mainly in window treatments and accents. To be perfectly honest painting in bold color, or any color for that matter, scares me to death if I am responsible for choosing. It took me 3 years to narrow down the color choices for the outside of our house to a bright forest green w/chocolate brown trim. It still wouldn’t be painted if hubby hadn’t stepped in and forced me to choose.

  18. My kitchen is a soft shade of green, a really light sage maybe. However most of it is papered.

    If I were going to redo my kitchen, I’m thinking another shade of green or yellow. I really like both

  19. You mean they wanted it be painted orange?! By choice?! Wow.

    I live in an apartment, so I’m stuck with the color of my kitchen, which is white with pale yellow cabinets *yawn*.

    My ideal kitchen will be black and white to match my stainless steel and black appliances. niiiiice.

    What about your kitchen?

  20. My kitchen has this light blue wallpaper with strawberries on it on one wall. The other walls are just painted ivory over the old wallpaper…that is going to be such “fun” to get rid of. The cabinets are white. I really hate it, but it came this way when we bought the house. Hubby promised a new kitchen, and someday I will get one. Then I plan on oak cabinets, wood floor and lots of cabinets and countertops, which I lack now. I also love red, so I plan on a lot of red…kind of a retro kitchen look.

  21. My kitchen is bright yellow and I love it. It is a very cheerful color. However it does have this 1950’s stuff on 3 walls. It is grey/silver in color and very smooth. I definitely would like to take it down but I am very happy with the color!

  22. I love my kitchen and wouldn’t want to change it. The color is called earthy cane. It is a tannish brownish with a hint gold. I really don’t know how to describe it. I love my border! It is a very sophisticated pear, apples & plum border. My cabinets are cream colored, with woodgrain coutertops and (I’d rather have hardwood) laminated woodgrain floors. Love it!

  23. Our kitchen color is “Log”. The girl chip didn’t strike me as a “biker babe”. Does she have the required black leather jacket, tatoos from head to toe, or a bad vocabulary? How about a dirty multi-colored bandana, a wallet chain that drags the ground and jeans that have more holes than cloth? She’ll have to “tool up” before she can be a legitiment biker babe.

  24. Well, you gotta admire somebody that goes with what they like.

    My kitchen is off white, but with red accents in the accessories. Can a kitchen have accessories?

  25. My kitchen is . . . pink. I’m so not a pink person. It also has copper and stainlesss steel tile for a backsplash. The cabinets are from the 1960’s, dark wood. I do like the floor, it is a vinyl that looks like stone tile. I’d love to redo it someday, but first on my list is the aqua/blue bathroom upstairs with dolphin tile. BLECK!!!!

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