April 1

April Fools Day, 1982.

Mom and dad got Sister and me up, we ate breakfast, showered, dressed and out to wait for the bus at the end of our drive way.

We stood there, and stood there and stood there wondering where the bus was, and were we late.

Sister and I fretted for the longest time.

I can just imagine the parents standing at the front window laughing their heads off, knowing that they had turned all the clocks in the house up an hour.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

That was 29 years ago, and I will never forget it.

Do you play practical jokes on your family/friends on April Fools Day?

Or are you the one on the receiving end?

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  1. I had considered doing something like that with my kids today, but I slept in (shock!) and now they are in real danger of being late.
    Btw, it was 1982. 🙂

  2. One time after Mike and I were first married, his brother Dave and his wife came to our house for a weekend. Dave wears contacts. I found his contact case that evening perched on the bathroom sink with his contacts in it. I happened to have another contact case that had some old shrivelled up, dried out, contacts in it that looked exactly like his case. I switched the cases.

    The next morning nothing happened.

    Dave always travelled with an extra set of contacts.

    Then I felt kind of bad for making him open a new set.

  3. I just played an April Fools’ joke on my students today. After they were done practicing with the past tense in Spanish, I said, “cierren los libros; ¡vamos a tomar una prueba!” [close your books; we are going to have a quiz!] They froze and looked confused. They were probably thinking, “Did I understand her correctly? Did she say we have a quiz today?” One student looked so angry that I asked him “¿Por qué te ves tan enojado?” [Why do you look so angry?], and his friend started laughing. I was holding a stack of stapled papers in my hand, so it looked like I had a long quiz for them. They closed their books and looked glum. Then I yelled, “FELIZ DIA DE LOS INOCENTES” which literally means “Happy Day of the Innocent (people)” or “April Fools’ Day”. They let out a big sigh of relief and started laughing so hard. It was awesome!

  4. I googled jokes yesterday and this morning I left a note on her desk saying “Please call Mr. Behr at xxx-xxxx” with the phone number of our local zoo.

    But my plan isn’t exactly working out because I forgot that she is travelling today and out of the office. Crap! Hopefully it will still be funny on April 3rd.

  5. Did I detect a tinge of bitterness in that “Ha Ha Ha”? When we were kids, we got a new inter-com so Mom could call us from the kitchen. We called the neighbor boy, who was much younger than we were, over for a “surprise”. We put a cake lid over the inter-com and, while one of us was downstairs on the other end, we made ghost-like noises just as the neighbor boy was walking by the hidden inter-com. He ran out of the house so fast, that we couldn’t catch him in time to tell him it was a joke. Needless to say, Mom wasn’t very happy with us that day.

  6. sometimes I do but usually only with innocent stuff.

    I don’t really remember anything in my family. My dad had a philosophy that if you played a joke then you’d better expect one to be played back and to take it well.

  7. I love to play jokes on people on April fools day. I only did one today.

    During Gregs funeral, his sister was telling how Greg always played practical jokes. She told about a time he called the Pastor’s wife I think she was older)and pretended to be a doctor, he gave her the good news that her tests came back positive and she was going to have a baby. The Pastor’s wife had a hard time trying to convince him it wasn’t her. I thought that was pretty funny, but I may have a weird sense of humor:)

  8. Just had to let you know that the girls age 8 to 11 played an April Fools’ Day trick on the boys at Church last night. They made toothpaste Oreos (where you scape out the filling and replace it with toothpaste) and salted gum drops (soak off the sugar and then roll the gum drops in salt.)

    It was so funny watching them “share” their “treats.” The sad thing was my twins liked the toothpaste Oreos. I guess they thought they were the mint kind. 😛

  9. My friend and I ganged up on our friends. I blogged about a man I’m dating. My sis called to yell at my and my best friend said, “I shouldn’t have to read about this on your blog!” and a “shame on you” kind of way.
    Sadly, there is no man…yet. I also updated my facebook to say I was in a relationship, and my friend said she was pregnant. We got ’em all, and it was my best April Fools ever.

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