April 30


I’m up.

I’m  showered.

I’m dressed.

And I have made friends with the Random Number Generator.

And my friend says that…

Lori Says:
Wednesday,April 29, 2009 at 11:42 am e

Springtime Collection! Love the pretty box! I have a See’s Store right around the corner from house so I could go spend that gift certificate lickety-split!


Has won the gift certificate.


Email me with your address so that See’s can mail you your gift certificate.


April 29

Hey Internet!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.


And Internet, I’m here to help in the form of a give-a-way.

Wanna see what your playing for?

A $25 gift certificate to See’s Chocolates.

See’s is graciously giving away 1 $25 gift certificate to be shipped to your door, or your mother’s door, or any other (**waving her hands furiously…me! me! me!) door that you wish to have it shipped to just in time for Mother’s Day.

How do you enter?

Take a look —–> here at See’s Mother’s Day gift page or browse any of their other wonderful pages and come back and tell me what you would order for you, or your mother or any one ( **waving her hands furiously…me! me! me!) else you can think of.

One entry per person.

Contest will end at 8pm Pacific time.

Winner will be chosen 8am tomorrow morning after I have had a chance to get up, shower, dress, and make friends with the Random Number Generator.



April 28

All email issues were resolved and the person for the contest was able to get a hold of me last night.

Tomorrow will be the contest.

Wanna know what your playin’ for?

(I’ve been watching way to much Survivor)

Come back tomorrow and find out.

You will be very glad you did.

$25 glad.


Chocolate…how do I love thee.

Let me count the ways. **


I don’t think I can count that high.

What I can count on is Dorie taking chocolate to the next level and beyond.

You take a bit of chocolate, eggs, sugar, milk, corn starch, and a wee bit of hazelnut coffee creamer( ½ c.).

Add some butter….oh…Internet.

Even my chocolate tolerating Superman is enamored.

I know…I know…how in the world could a Chocolatechic like me marry a man who tolerates chocolate?

It is a secret diabolical plan.


He doesn’t bother my stash.

Then, if you put that silky custard into a fabulous chocolate tart crust…

You will be tempted to write sonnets about chocolate too.

Thank you Kim of Scrumptious Photography for picking out this fabulous Chocolate Cream Tart for me to make, and me to eat, and me to have to share with Superman….sigh…

I am going to have to rethink this diabolical plan if we keep having such fabulous chocolate recipes.

**My apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.   I seriously doubt she meant for her beloved poetry to be used in such a way.


April 27

April 27?!?!?!?

Wasn’t just yesterday 2008?

Time?   Where have you gone???

Every Spring, I bring this outside with me when I sit on the front porch.

I do this to remind and warn all insects of the Pothole Treaty of 2002.

This treaty states that insects may fly about freely, however, if they invade my air space they will be immediately. shot. down.!




If you have come for the give away, well…about that.

The promoter hasn’t gotten back with me, so I can’t tell you what it is yet.

I am so sorry.   I was so excited and my fingers got ahead of my email.


April 25

Oh, Internet.

It is important that you feel some pity for Superman today.

We are getting ready to do some major yard work/gardening today….and by we I mean Superman.

Pictures later…and by later, I mean not today.


April 25

Hey Internet!

It is Friday, and I slept in again, and I am nosy!

I want to know the title of the current book you are reading.

If your not reading anything….why?

PS.   Monday I will be holding another sponsored give away.   Come back then and try to win.