March 30

You know those puffy iced sugar cookies with the sprinkles on them that you get from Stuffmart.

The ones that you can eat 2 or 5 of in a single setting and not realize it because they are just. that. good.

Sometimes get a craving for them, but I absolutely refuse to pay $3+  for a dozen of manufactured cookies.

Except Oreos, but Oreos are chocolate and therefore special.

My refusal to pay that much for those cookies,  means that I have to patiently wait to have some till there is a church function.

They always show up at church functions, but unfortunately for me, church functions are very few and far between.

I just knew there had to be a better way for me to get some  of these cookies.

A tastier way.

A cheaper way.

Because I have frugal  skillz, Internet, I found a way to make these cookies cheaper.

Much cheaper.

And tastier.

These cookies have 3 ingredients.

  1. A white cake mix
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 1/3 c. oil

That’s it.

Mix well.

Use your tablespoon sized cookie scooper, plop some on your sheet pan and flatten slightly.

Bake for 6 minutes like the recipe says and find that they aren’t done.

At all.

Stick them back in the oven for a total of 6 more minutes till the edges are just barely turning golden.

The icing is just as simple.

  1. Confectioners sugar
  2. shortening
  3. vanilla
  4. a wee bit of milk

Mix it all up.

Ice and top with colored sugar, because Internet,  sprinkles are from the devil.


My men said that they tasted better than Stuffmarts cookies.

I just know it is because I didn’t put those nasty devil sprinkles on them.

You want to make some fabulous cookies that are delicious, quick and cheap?

These are the perfect solution, and they only cost me $1.13 to make them.

Told ya I have skillz.


One thing that I would do the next time I make these is to add a tsp-tbsp water to the cookie dough to make it just a bit moister.   Not much because that would change the structure of the cookie, but they were just a touch dry.

Lofthouse Cookies

1 box white cake mix

1/3 c. oil

2 eggs

Mix together till moistened.   Use a tablespoon and drip onto parchment lined cookie sheet.  Flatten slightly.  Bake at 350º for 6-8 minutes or until the edges begin to show a little brown.

They will firm up when they are cool.

Makes 1½ dozen cookies


2 c. confectioners sugar

¼ c. shortening

1 tsp. vanilla

enough milk to make it spreading consistency

Cream till smooth and stiff.



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26 thoughts on “March 30”

  1. Sprinkles are of the devil? Even the cute shape one, like flowers and bunnies, etc? Or just the regular boring ones? I really need to know. ‘Cause I may be a sinner.

  2. These are called lofthouse cookies! I use a different recipe that is more from scratch. The first time I made it, it tasted even better than those from Stuffmart. The second time, I must have done something wrong because they weren’t that great.

    I saw the lofthouse recipes that called for cake mix, but I refuse to use cake mix haha. You should try adding milk or sour cream (the latter was in the other recipes) to make them more moist.

    Your pics are awesome!!

  3. I had everything on hand to make these, so they are in the oven now. They smell yummy! I can’t wait to try one with a cold glass of milk!

  4. Oh maaaan! Every single time I promise myself that I won’t go crazy and indulge my sweet tooth, something comes along to make me a liar! Today it was this wonderful looking and sounding recipe! Thanks!! (please note that I am using a sarcastic tone here!) 😛

  5. Funny! My friend Jenn just posted this recipe last week…using the SAME recipe you can use different types of cakes mixes and add different types of chips (1c.)…so like German Chocolate, and ch. chips…or dark ch. cake and Peanut butter chips….etc. LIMITLESS combos! Whatever is on sale, right!

    I got German Chocolate cake mix and swirl chips (choco & white)!!!!

  6. These are the girl’s favorite cookies!!!

    I think that we will have to try these very soon. If I were to use the milk or sour cream as was previously mentioned would it be in addition to the listed ingredients or in place of something? In the cookie itself or the frosting?

    I do not have sour cream right now in the house , we don’t like it unless it’s cooked/mixed into something but when I go shopping for our lasagna for Sat. I could get these and make them for dessert on Saturday – bribery to get the girl to eat some lasagna.

  7. Those look really good and easy to make. The girlies would like that. I bet they would be good using the chocolate cake mix also. 🙂 I’ll have to keep my eyeball on the cake mix sales and get a couple of boxes. 😛

  8. These are awesome! I saw it on your site and had to make them. I added a little water to the batter like you suggested and they turned out nice and moist! Thank you so much for posting!

      1. I didn’t measure exactly, but I would say it was probably a large tablespoon. Just enough so that the dough came together a bit more.

  9. We make these all the time – we made two types of a ladies spring tea last year using lemon and strawberry cake mix. They were wonderful. Thanks for the reminder on this recipe. It’s almost too easy!

  10. I just made these. And I think I now have a problem.

    I should have made two batches or something so I can share with the fam. But of course, then I might have wanted to eat both batches. These are FAB cookies.

    I do have to admit, though… I used sprinkles. I hate sprinkles, too, but… they were so plain looking with nothing. 😦

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