March 28

Chefboy has been home for the last 2 weeks.

Somehow he was able  to get all his tests done last week, so that meant a two week Spring break.

I thought that it would give me some extra time with him, but it was not to be so.


The reason.


Sleep deprivation.



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10 thoughts on “March 28”

  1. I could really use some Z’s myself. I usually catch some while I’m doing my school work. Sometimes watching other people sleep, makes me sleepy☺ I love you gramps. And grams as well. Have a great day!!!!!!
    Love to all,
    P.S. I updated my blog, so you and grams can read it now. I posted it yesterday.

  2. Good heavens! Are they working him to death in that kitchen? I love this pic…is this blanket his favorite from childhood? My son had/has one, too. (No, not a wonderful one with horses, but one with a tiger.)

  3. How funny! When my daughter comes home from college, she sleeps like 90 percent of the time. Or she goes out with friends, and then comes home and sleeps some more.

  4. I’m sorry that you’ve not been able to have extra time w/Chef Boy but I am glad that he’s getting some sleep, builds the immune system you know.

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