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  1. Wow, you are up early! I haven’t had french toast for awhile because I’m too addicted to sleep. But, sometimes I do a bread pudding/french toast combo that I can make ahead. I cut the bread into small pieces, then add the milk and eggs and cinnamon, etc. I put it in the fridge before I go to bed and when I wake up I just throw it in the buttered pan over a low flame. I go get ready, and then I flip it for a few minutes while I finish getting dressed, and eat!
    Longer answer than you expected.
    Short answer: Wednesday

  2. 2 weeks ago and we’ll probably be having it again tomorrow. The kidlets ask for it every time they are with me. They like whipped cream on theirs.

  3. The last time that I had French toast, was in August ’06. I was in California on a Missions trip to Rock’in’Water Adventure Camp. I can’t even remember what it smells or even tastes like. I can’t even remember what maple syrup tastes like. Oh well, you eventually get used to not remembering, and its probably a good thing that I don’t remember. I hope that y’all have a great day!!!!
    Love to all,

  4. It was sometime this year…it was some of those french toast thingies you get at Burger King.

    I tried some of c.c’s “14 hrs.to freeze ice cream” yesterday…..it was awsome…

    1. Daddy~~french toast thingies at BK doesn’t count….sorry!

      So glad you liked that ice cream. I was really hoping that you would. I am so glad you stopped by last night. It was so good to see you. Did you give ma that hug?

  5. omg that sounds so good! I’m trying to think what to have for b’fast right now. Considering a SAM or a BAM. What? You’ve never heard of SAM or BAM? Sausage or bacon, fried egg, cheese on a hard roll. Before I lived in New England, I’d’ve called a “hard roll” a kaiser roll with poppy seeds, but “hard roll” is what they call it here. Funny because it’s not at all hard, it’s soft!

    1. French toast is day old bread dipped into a custard type mixture (2 eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and milk) and then fried on a griddle.

      You can top it with several things…

      *powdered sugar
      *pancake syrup

      It is very good.

  6. French toast…..fresh yummy bread dragged through slimy smelly eggs and then to waste cinnamon on it ta boot?
    Of course for all you egg lovers out there its quite a treat I know!!! I hear about it often. This egg disliker is the oddball. I know I know!!!

    Its been about three months as I have not had bread in the house since xmas. Trying to kick it out of our diet…fill up on veggies vs bread. Of course when we do have yummy scrumptious bread we go after it like we are starving with a full meal in front of us!! Are we winning the battle or losing it?

  7. I made it the day hubby left to go back to work but I couldn’t wait for then to get up so I ate oatmeal earlier. I guess it’s been about 2 months since I last ate French toast. I make it a bit differently though – more eggs as we use 1-1 1/2 loaves each time. I’ll make it with whatever bread is in the house though the girl prefers hers with Texas Toast.

  8. Had some store-bought Italian Bread and made some French toast, a couple weeks ago. The boys didn’t know what it was!

  9. last time I had french toast I made it with my leftover banana bread. it was a CRAZY huge hit in the house. a very filling breakfast indeed!

  10. I make “breakfast for dinner” on Monday nights, so I’d guess about 3 weeks ago. My son is not a fan of quiche, so whenever that’s the bfd choice, I make french toast on the side.

  11. I don’t like French toast. Now what they have at BK doesn’t taste like French toast to me and I do like that. Haven’t had it for a long long time:) Probably when daddy did:)

  12. At least a couple months ago. My husband and boys are away tonight and I didn’t plan any dinner. The girls and I just might have some french toast for dinner!

  13. I’m really more of a pancake or waffle fan! Most Saturday mornings ’round here are sausage & waffle days. Dominic loooooves sausage. I think he could do without the waffles… then again, I don’t let him have syrup with them yet because he puts all of his food in his hair. Imagine that mess!

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