March 26

Early this morning when I woke up, I began thinking about my best friend from high school, Beverly.

Because I have a serious case of the writers block, I want to know about your high school years.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I mention high school?

Bev is always the first thing that comes to my mind, but the second is a very vivid memory is of me  sitting in a history class at Sam Houston High School in Houston, (9th grade) watching my history “teacher” read a Harlequin romance novel, chomping on gum and reading bits of the story out loud to us.

This was a daily occurrence and I got an ‘A’ in that class.

I think we all did.

That is why I am so brilliant in history today.



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  1. Funny that I was just talking about a high school experience this morning. (No, I don’t talk about high school all the time.) It wasn’t a pleasant memory so I won’t share.

    Your history teacher sounds like a real pip.

  2. All sorts of memories. High school for me was a series of care-free days. I guess I think of the halls of our high school first. The school was only a couple of years old, but it was full to the max. Changing classes was like swimming in a sardine can. =)

  3. My high school was good. I was in boarding school and loved every minute of it. My parents were divorcing so it was good to be out of the house. I met some really interesting people at boarding school. I was amazed at some of the celebrities’s kids I met and how messed up on drugs they were. But some of the teachers at my school were very favorable to the rich kids, which wasn’t that fun. I had done half a year of public school in the 4th grade and it was awful; the kids were so mean and the teachers were horrid. I know not every public school is like that though.

  4. Marching band. I was a serious band nerd, marching and concert bands for 4 years, drum major for 2 of those years. I also played soccer for 3 years, did the musical one year, and was an A-B student. I LOVED high school and have great memories!

  5. Ditching class and smoking in the girl’s bathroom while we hung out and talked about boys and stuff. Shh…don’t tell my kids. Thankfully I was smart enough it didn’t impact my grades! Whew!

  6. High School Days huh….

    Lets see there were the days when I loved being there and then there were the days when I dreaded it. While I like Physics, the teacher was great, it went over my head math wise so I dreaded test days there but the days when we got to work with slinkies or build bridges were great.

    I hated all the foul language that I had to listen to in the hall ways and hated walking through the smoke to get to my car when I did drive to school. I loved the library!! It was great and once it allowed me the ability to skip a class because I didn’t have my assignment completed but I didn’t want to admit it.

  7. I wonder if your former history teacher is still employed.

    Oh man, high school. I thought high school was fun, probably due to being in sports throughout.

    I still have my best friend from high school.

  8. High school was torture! I won’t go there…

    Had a Biology teacher along the lines of your history teacher. He read his lecture and wanted it written in a little black and white composition notebook word for word. He collected them every so often to check…if you did that…you got an B.

    1. Whoa!

      I had a history teacher like that. He would put his lecture notes on a projector.

      He would read them to us, and we were to copy them word for word. He looked like Hitler, except he was blond.

  9. When I think of high school(I’m still in high school☺), I think of being in the basement, passing notes, and eating a snack of peanuts and chocolate chips, or mom would make this fabulous addictive snack that Dean and I love. She would take a tortilla and smear it with peanut butter, then she would drizzle it with honey and sprinkle it with homemade granola. Then she would roll it up, cut it, and then serve. It was a very addictive snack. Anywho, that’s my memory of high school. Have a great day.
    Love to all,

  10. Not too many good memories. I loved learning, but I wasn’t part of the ‘in’ crowd and was lonely much of the time. I lived on a farm and couldn’t be part of what the town kids were doing. I always felt like I melted into the background. I led a very sheltered life and didn’t always get what everyone else talked about.

    I remember having fun during rehearsal for the Jr Play.

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