March 25

The brain it is tired from all this getting up early and being responsible every single morning of the last 20 years.

Maybe the brain would be better if it went to bed just a wee bit earlier every night, but since it is fried half the time, it doesn’t think to go to bed just a wee bit earlier.

The brain has nothing for you, Internet.

Please…talk amongst yourselves…tell me what is going on in your lives.



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25 thoughts on “March 25”

  1. We need to start a campaign called, “Get Chocolatechic to bed earlier!”

    I get to bed early(by 10), but have trouble sleeping past 5 a.m.! UGH. I usually lie there until 6 and then get up.

    Hope you feel better later today.

  2. OH, I can sooo relate – been responsible for 25 years.
    I often joke that my brain is on overload and I just
    can’t seem to sort it all out. I never had that “gift” of going to bed at 9:00 (or even 10:00) and falling right to sleep. Wish I could. It takes my brain at least 2 hours to shut down after my body does! Plus,
    my mind works like this: Ohhh, she’s in bed trying to sleep – let’s worry about EVERYTHING now! Stuff that never even enters my thoughts in the daylight hours!
    God Bless.

    1. Not much better.

      It takes her twice as long to heal as it does you or I. We rigged the sling to keep her hand up by her shoulder so it will help with the swelling.

      We are giving her ibuprofen and ice too.

      It probably…maybe…I’m hoping…that it will be better by Easter….maybe…

  3. Actually, your brain gave me a good laugh this morning, right when I needed it the most. I’ve only been waking up early being responsible for everything for 6.5 years, and my brain is already fried.

  4. I was just thinking the same thing last week – I’m really tired of being an adult!! I’ve been drudging through responsibilty for 20 years – when can I quit? 🙂

    I want a carefree week or month that I don’t have to worry about laundry, dinner, grocery stores, or bills! I just wanna be FREE…. well sorta? THE OCD in me would never tolerate that carefree lifestyle – but still – a day or two would be nice? Don’t ya’ think?

  5. Dear Chockie – by the way, that’s my name for you, as in “Let’s go check in and see how Chockie is doing today.” I look forward to reading you because it reminds me of home, of Mom and Dad, and where I grew up. You’re like my comfort food, without the calories. Thanks for your daily writings. kk

    A haiku for u:

    Chockie needs more sleep.
    Counting sheep or saying prayers
    does not seem to work?

  6. That’s not susposed to happen for 20 more years…I don’t remember having that problem when I was 40. But right now I don’t remember much of any thing.I have some timers that you could put on the tv that would turn it off at 8 or 9 if this is something that you might be interested in. just let me know..

  7. I feel your pain sista! Some nights I feel like a little kid who is afraid she will miss something if she doesn’t stay awake. Then every morning the adult in me thinks- I am going to bed early tonight. But it never happens, because the responsible adult has turned back into that little kid by bedtime.

  8. Don’t you know by now that it’s dangerous to give me free licence to ramble on? Going to bed early is not a problem for me, lately (Joyce feels your pain, Willy). If I’m not in bed by eight, there’s something wrong.

  9. Ohhhh, sounds as if you need to take a nice nap today! I was just visiting Suzanne and I think that the two of you could go into a catering business. Wouldn’t that be great fun?

  10. I think it is the time of year – you have cabin fever – snow is gone (at least here it is) but not yet warm enough o go out.

    I have it too – time for a nap I think.

  11. Well, let’s see here. I’m trying to decide whether to take a trip from spring break, or stay home. I want to see southern Argentina, but the ticket is nearly $500 and I don’t know if I want to spend that much. That’s just airfare.

    In other news, I keep trying to go to bed earlier. Even when I do go to bed earlier, I still wake up and think, “Ah, I don’t REALLY have to be up for another 45 minutes” instead of “I went to bed 45 minutes earlier so I could get UP 45 minutes earlier!

    And, oh, I want some of your big crumb cake, without having to make it, or work off the calories!

    1. Only $500 to Argentina? 😕 I’ve found that I could go to Hawaii for that much from here round trip but with 4 in the family that is still $2000 that we really need to spend on other things.

      CC, I here you about the fried brain. I really wish at times that someone else in my family would be the responsible one, I’m tired of the job.

      1. Thanks for your ideas. I could certainly use the $500 for something else! Like clothes, or shoes, or chocolate! However, I live in Argentina, so to/from southern Argentina is about USD $500. I feel like I ought to see it while I’m here. Then again, part of me just wants to veg on the couch. It’s certainly cheaper!(I’m from IL, but living in Buenos Aires for 2 years.)

  12. we are deciding between house #1 or house #2. house 1 has lower taxes and a better kitchen, more sun, less acreage, newer house, jacuzzi
    house 2 has higher taxes, more acreage, not as much sun, smaller kitchen, very private

    1. Pros for house #1
      *less grass to mow
      *more sun which you can hang laundry out in
      *less problems since it is a newer house
      *good kitchen

      Pros for house #2
      *more acreage which you could plant a garden in, or room for the kiddos to play in

      Which of these things are more important to you?

  13. Still waiting to hear about the job for the girl. she is having a tough time keeping her head up. BUT today she told her dad that it isn’t in her hands any more but Gods. That is encouraging to hear her say that 🙂
    On the flip side, I could have told you this morning around midnight and one that we were going to get rain. My knee wouldn’t let up!
    I will be praying for your girl.

  14. So how’d the day go,chocolatechic? Anything exciting happen? What time are you going to get to bed tonight? Earlier than usual?

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