March 23

A few weeks ago, I suggested to Chefboy that he invite his friend over for supper.

So, last Thursday, he came over.

One of the things that Chefboy has been begging to make here recently, was Bananas Foster.

Bananas Foster is really simple to make.   First you wait for almost 2 weeks for your bananas to ripen grab about 3 ripe bananas.

Then you chop them up and douse them with cinnamon.

Melt a stick of butter.

A wee bit of brown sugar.

And liquor.

This is the only shot I had of the Rum and Brandy.

See!   It’s over there by the lighter on the counter.

After you melt your butter add your sugar and boil it a bit.

Dump the liquor on top and set it on fire.

Maybe that is why more men are Chefs.

They like to play with fire.

Add your bananas and cook for a bit.

I’m not exactly sure what the proper way to serve this is, but we served it over ice cream.

I loved the butter/sugar/liquor sauce, but the whole warm, mushy bananas thing…well, I won’t be eating Bananas Foster again.

Maybe Chocolate Foster.

That sounds really good.



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19 thoughts on “March 23”

  1. Nope me either. I have to have my bananas cold and just the right amount of rippening. So this dish is not for me. I’ll bet the boy was thrilled to start a fire!

  2. I would have to agree, I would not enjoy that. Banana bread, yes. Bananas in a smoothie, yes. But I have never “warmed” to the idea of baked or cooked bananas.

    With that said, it does look wonderful! Glad Chefboy had fun playing with fire!!!!

  3. I say use the butter/sugar/liquor sauce and put it over some chocolate chip pancakes. Or some french toast. Basically, my vote is that it’s perfect for breakfast 🙂

  4. I would visit you, even knowing you would be taking my photo as I walked in or got comfortable on the sofa, if ever I’m in Pothole!!

    I’ve had Bananas Foster once before and I thought it was quite good. Not sure what they were served over but ice cream sounds very good.

  5. Is that a green cutting board? It’s very thin!
    Also…I want to try Dean’s Granola but it doesn’t give an oven temperature…it must be very low. I may just try it in my dehydrator…think that will work?
    Aunt Mary

    1. Yes, the green cutting board is made of very thin plastic so you can pick it up and use it like a funnel to get your food where you want it.

      Dean’s Granola temp is 250º and I will go put that on the recipe.

  6. A couple of things:)

    Although it looks yummy, I don’t like bananas mixed with things.

    I also discovered, I was wrong about which leg goes into the “pants” first. It’s not my right but my left. When I was getting dressed this morning I realized I told you wrong.

    Last but certainly not least I love the chef and his friend is quite good looking:)

  7. I’m all about all things banana, but just don’t enjoy them warm and mushy. I don’t know if it’s because YEARS ago, I went to Hawaii and my mom told me, “now, don’t be afraid to try new, different things.” So just for her, I tried fried bananas while I was there and I did NOT like it. At any rate, banana split-yes, foster-nah. 😉

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