32 thoughts on “March 20”

  1. Right. I ALWAYS have to put on my right sock first, then the left sock….then right shoe, left shoe. 🙂

    and…I’m right handed.

  2. I’m pretty sure it is the right leg but I’ll come back when I’ve completed my workout, shower and dresses to let you know for sure. I’m eating breakfast now, well trying to except that I’m busy responding to your blog…. 😀

    1. Sorry about the delay. I did get dressed but forgot to come back here to report.

      I do the right leg first, though sometimes if I’m sitting down I’ll do both at the same time. =)

  3. Left – I’m a total lefty. Left handed, left footed, my left eye is dominate, and I even smile to the left. The up side to all the being such a lefty is that I am totally in my right mind – tee hee hee! (No matter what my hubby and kids say!)

  4. Left and I’m right-handed.

    Guess what…. You won my giveaway!! Please email me your adress so I can send you the Dutch cookbook you picked!

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