March 17

Last week, the girl got the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ out from the library for us to watch together.

She must have been bored stiff.

It has been about 12 years since I watched it, so we watched it because I was bored stiff.

I made sure that she closed her eyes at the appropriate times, because Forrest Gump is really a great movie except for all the bad stuff in it.

One of my favorite quotes from that movie is “Were like peas and carrots.  Jenny and I.”

Peas and carrots compliment each other.

They are like chocolate and peanut butter, or chocolate and espresso, or chocolate and Chocolatechic, or chocolate and caramel, or chocolate and orange or chocolate and chocolate.

They are meant to be together.

Today’s TWD that Liliana of My Cookbook Addiction picked for us is French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade glaze.

It called for lemon zest and lemon marmalade, but y’all just gotta know that Pothole has never even heard of lemon marmalade, and quite frankly, neither had I.

So I used orange, and added some mini chocolate chips.

Purely for the compliment factor.

Your supposed to wait for it to cool completely before painting on a strained lemon orange marmalade glaze, but since I have the patience of a 3 year old in the check out lane wanting a candy bar, I let it cool all of 10 minutes.

And in a test of extreme will power, I let it cool a whole 30 minutes before I cut into it.

Only, mini chocolate chips don’t cool down that fast and when you slice it open, chocolate schmears everywhere, including your fingers, but believe me I know how to take care of that problem.

This is a fabulous cake.   The orange flavor is just right.   Not to overpowering, not to subtle, and the mini’s….perfection!

Go check out Liliana’s blog.   She has the recipe.   Make this for your next get together, make it for your next brunch, make it for your co-workers, or you could always make it for yourself and eat it all watching the next episode of  “24”.

Just sayin’.



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82 thoughts on “March 17”

  1. Hahaha, I love your post today. Everything is better with chocolate!! I loved thise cake, but I can imagine it’s even beter with chocolate!!

    P.S. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

  2. I swear you can see every grain of sugar in that first photo! My favorite part was mixing that zest into the sugar…so much fun and the smell was heavenly. I’m NOT showing your version to the guys as they will want that combination…chocolate and orange, oh, yeah, they would so beg me to go there next. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, and I have a chocolate-free week to enjoy! Forrest Gump, huh????? You just like to hear him say, “Life is like a box of chocolates….” LOL!

  3. Wow, all your photos are great!
    I think I’m in the minority, but I hated “Forest Gump.”

    I think the orange and chocolate idea was genius. As it was, my kids aren’t citrus fans so I pretty much ate a whole cake by myself! If I had done orange and chocolate I would have had some help in the consumption (and smaller thighs!)

  4. See, now I did use orange, but it was missing something and I never even thought of chocolate! Of course, you would. What a great addition.
    And for the record, I added it to my post, but I did not use almond meal or any nut meal, just all plain all purpose flour. Thanks for wondering and noticing I forgot to address that. 😉 Way to turn 3 weeks of no chocolate at TWD into something chocolatey!

  5. That does look really good. I may have to try this one as well, with your modifications 😉

    I wonder if you could do it with raspberry or strawberry preserves? Those two are just awesome w/chocolate!! YUM

  6. Looks great. I made orange flavored cake and never even thought of the chocolate chips–which I’ll bet were great! Way to make something chocolatey out of three weeks of chocolate-less TWD!
    Love it.
    Thanks for asking about my cake. I changed my post to reflect that I only used all purpose flour and no nut meal.!

  7. Well, I see that I now have two comments here. The first one didn’t post for quite sometime, so I thought it wasn’t going to and made up another. Well, it’s really just because the chocolate/orange look great! 😉

  8. And that is why your the Chocolatechic! I love orange and chocolate, your cake looks lovely!

    Fantastic photos by the way. What camera do you use? I’m going to purchase a new camera soon. I’m looking at the new 12.1 mg pxls Canon will be releasing soon.

  9. Hmm, while I was reading it, I was mentally titling this post: “How to Make a Good Thing Even Better.” Chocolate and orange . . . YUM! I love Forest Gump, it’s so easy to forget about the parts of that movie where you need to cover your eyes because the rest of it is so great.

  10. OHHH!! I love the chocolate in this…and don’t worry, I practically ate my straight out of the oven I just couldn’t wait. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful by the way…

  11. WOW. LOVE the chocolate chips in that!!!! I didn’t have the patience to wait, either!

    I don’t normally like citrus and chocolate, but you have me singing a different tune! Going to have to try it…

  12. Nope… it’s not possible ladies and gentlemen!!! We have the proof here today, that Chic can simply not… got without chocolate!!!

    Now, Chic… to answer the question on everyone’s mind:”How much does your yearly stash of chocolate, cost you???” LOL …kidding.

    Seriously, the added touch of chips, must have made it even more divine! Amazing!

  13. Trust Cholatechic to add..well, chocolate! NICE.

    I meant to take photos at the sugar and zest stage bec. I think that is so pretty…nice pictures, too.

  14. Lemon with hints of chocolate. Way to go Chocolatechic. Great!! The pics indicate how yummy this cake was. And yes, I also live in Pothole which is why I made my own marmalade. (Thanks for coming by earlier!!!)

  15. Wow. Just wow. I love the pic of you brushing the glaze on the cake, and the one of the insides, and the one… Okay, I just love them all. Chocolate goes with anything too, right? And melty chocolate chips are never a real hardship 🙂

  16. I made this for a friend on Thursday night–well, for both of us, of course–just the way you suggested. I only wish I had put in more chocolate chips! It was phenomenal. thanks for the recipe!


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