March 13

It is Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.

I’m always on the look for something quick and easy because most of the time it is just me eating, so I just gotta know…

What is your favorite heat and eat food?

I would have to say mine is a cheesy.

Take a flour tortilla, spread some cheese down the center, roll up and heat for 1 minute.

Voila, instant lunch.



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25 thoughts on “March 13”

  1. You may be nosy, but I always feel compelled to tell you more than I already know…very tricky!

    Okay, my favorite is toast and peanut butter, if it must be quick.

    When desperate for sugar and there’s nothing good in sight (oh no am I really going to reveal this?) I melt butter and brown sugar and add a wee bit of cream or even milk and spoon it. And thus ends anyone’s wondering about why I don’t lose weight. Sigh.

  2. I usually keep some cooked chicken in the fridge. It’s just boneless skinless breasts (bought in bulk for $1.29/lb), cut up and sauteed with lite soy sauce and sprinkled with a little crushed red pepper flakes. It was once part of a recipe for a salad, but everyone just got to eating the chicken before I could put the salad together! We don’t know what to call it, so it’s become “That Chicken.” As in – “you hungry? We have some of That Chicken in the fridge.” It’s good hot or cold, or standing right in front of the fridge right out of the tupperware while you stand there looking at the rest of the contents of the fridge trying to decide what to eat!

  3. I like that too, after it is heated, I stick some sour cream in there, also. I also like bagels with butter and jelly, toasted of course. And i always have salad on hand because for some reason I crave salad. Like 3 times a day.

  4. Spaghetti for me! If I’m alone and hungry, it’s an easy thing to whip up in no time.

    The other option is to throw together a salad, since our fridge is always loaded with a good variety of fresh veggies.

  5. I love biscuits from the tube, popped in the microwave for 30 seconds till their fluffy and warm but not quite cooked. Eat immediately. It’s a warm and gooey way to eat those oh-so comforting carbs.

  6. It really honestly depends on what I’m craving. I like to melt peanutbutter and chocolatechips in the microwave and mix(thanks Auntie), sometimes its a toasted bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam on it. It really just depends. I do however LOVE nutella. I like the hazelnut and chocolate. Its my favorite. Have a great day!!!!!
    Love to all,

  7. Grilled cheese sandwiches would be my favorite heat and eat food…made with really great bread and really great cheese, sometimes two or three kinds in one sandwich…all that melty goodness. We have taken grilled cheese to entirely new levels around here…LOL…all those days of homeschooling and making lunch every day…first choice for years and years was always grilled cheese, so I found ways to jazz it up a bit. Even now, it’s what everyone around here cannot resist…

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