March 12

My Grandma Teal (my dad’s mom) rarely gave gifts, but when she did they were practical.

I heart a practical gift.

When I got married in 1989, Grandma gave me the best practical gift  I have ever received.

It came in a shoe box that she had covered in brown and orange contact paper.

Inside that box was a set of hair clippers, hair cutting scissors, hair clips, a home made cape, a powder puff and some baby powder.

That was 20 years ago, and even though the box is gone, the clippers and the cape are still going strong.

That one gift has saved me at least $2,220 on the men’s hair cuts alone.

You know what I heart more than practical gifts?

Saving at least $2,220.

What are some practical gifts that you give or have received?



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  1. Yep…That sounds like Mama…always practical. Although I didn’t appreciate her practicality when I was younger I am proud to be my mothers daughter! I also have been cutting Jose’s hair for 30 years and he has been cutting mine for maybe 5 years. What shall I do with all that money we have saved??? Hum…

  2. Now that was an excellent gift.

    The tools that my daughter has given to me…the first a hammer and the second a screwdriver with a flowered handle are my favorite practical gifts.

  3. When I got married the first time oh-so-many-years ago, I was given a laundry hamper and I still use it to this day. It is near the point of needing replaced but it still works. It’s survived 3 moves, a house fire and 2 husbands. lol

    1. Yes…but they are clear lights that only come on between 10-11pm, when the guys are coming home.

      Our outside light quit working about 3 years ago. We tried to fix it, but the wiring is very old, and we’d have to put holes in walls to fix it.

      So I strung up 1 strand of clear Christmas lights, put them on a timer and that is our ‘outside’ lights.

  4. I also love practical gifts. My mom got us our kitchenaid stand mixer for our first Christmas together and 11 (almost 12) years later it is still plugging away. We got blinds for our windows this Christmas. I’m all over things I can use versus jewelry (not that jewels aren’t great).

  5. Clippers rock, especially when you have three boys! I won’t cut NASA Guys hair though. His hair is so baby fine that every little sissor mark shows up in it and drives me crazy! So, my sanity is worth the money we spend on his haircuts.

  6. I love to receive practical gifts! Among my favorites are a Bissell Steam Cleaner and Kitchen Aid Mixer, both of which get a LOT of use.

  7. Practical gifts are like double blessings and hair clippers are at the top of the list. A pre-paid cell phone has saved us bundles and my Yamaha Clavinova piano has served us very well for the past 19 years. It’s about time for a regular piano since we aren’t moving every 2-4 years any more and I admit that I am looking forward to that.

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