March 11

Yesterday was the day that The Beast went to the doctor.

The doctor said after a complete physical and a new rear end, The Beast will be as good as it ever will get as good as new.



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12 thoughts on “March 11”

  1. I had a two tone red Buick Electra. It was one nice car, but the two tone red wasn’t great. My kids called it the running red bird because they used to take it to cardinal baseball games. It was kinda like a bus and they could get 6 people in it.

    Hey pink chick, wasn’t it you that was watching the progress of a house across the street? If so, how did that saga end?

  2. That beater looks like it’s on it’s last leg. I had a 1962 Biscain (biscut, for short) that had a little rust on the rocker panel. By the time I chiseled out the rust, I had no rocker panel or floor left.

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