March 10

Because of the girl’s allergies, I am always on the look out for something to jazz up her tiny repertoire.

When I found out that Sister (who has the same type of food allergies) could have ghee in small quantities, I thought maybe that maybe we could try and see if the girl could have some too.

According to Wikipedia, Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated in the Indian subcontinent, and is important in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

I immediately went to my BFF Google to see where I could purchase some of this ghee.

Google sent me to all sorts of places.

Places that told me that if I purchased 13 oz. of ghee from them, it would cost me about $15,  plus shipping.

My heart, it began to attack.

Because Google has never failed me yet, I went back and asked how to make ghee.

And TWD’ers, if your here for some Lemon Custard Cup, you won’t find it because I didn’t make it.   The whole eggy issue discussed in the question and answers, it kind of made me gag.

Ghee is ridiculously easy to make.

First you plop a pound of $ 1.69 on sale butter in a sauce pan.

Bring it to a boil over medium high heat.

It will get all sorts of foamy.

Then the foam will begin to subside.

When it gets to this point, grab yourself a fine mesh strainer, and some cheese cloth.

It will need to foam again, and when it does, the ghee is done.

I don’t have a picture of the second foaming, because I was busy getting out the strainer and cheese cloth, and calling the girl to please come and take the next picture, because I can not pour hot liquid and take a picture at the same time.

If I had thought ahead, I would have set up the tri-pod, but that thinking ahead thing is beginning to allude me.

Once you let it cool a bit, you can strain it into a container.

See all that brown gook on the bottom of the pan?   That is all the milk solids and milk proteins that the girl is allergic to.

Now you need to let it cool.

Once it is completely cool, it is shelf stable for months.

It will also save you $13.31 plus shipping.


It has a buttery, slightly nutty flavor that is insane good.

Even if you don’t have milk/casein allergies, you can use it.

Because all the milk solids are gone, it now has a high smoke point you can fry with it,  you can put it in your oatmeal, on your English muffins, or anywhere else you use butter, but because the flavor is highly concentrated you don’t have to use as much and therefore it is healthier.

At least that is what I’m telling myself.



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  1. I have made Ghee & bought it @ health food stores. Jerry loves all foods natural or gourmet. He watches Gourmet cooking shows while I cook. You know the story of Little —– Sambo? ( have your mother tell you) Well he lived in India & outsmarted the tigers. Somehow they chased each other around the tree so fast that their stripes melted & all that was left was Ghee & Sambo took it home & put it on his pancakes….or something like that…..

  2. I love the taste of Ghee…though it is pretty time intensive. I prefer to make clarified butter. Clarified butter has all the good properties of Ghee (shelf stable, high smoke point, etc…) but still tastes like butter.

  3. I am so glad that you have found a way to make something that the girl can have. Every once in a great while, maybe once a year, I can find butter for about $1.95 but more often it is only $2.50 on sale. I do stock up and freeze what I find on sale because I do not like running out of butter.

  4. I loved the story of Little Black Sambo growing up! (That’s what the story is/was called, I’ll bet it’s not politically correct now. Anyway, Cool ghee! Can you bake with it? Like cookies? Just wondering.

  5. ghee is so delicious. my coworker once brought in an indian sweet soaked in ghee and it was just amazing! glad you found something she can have.

  6. It is very easy to make. I usually keep some of it on hand for Indian dishes, and because I just like it. Good job on this one.

  7. I’m not really going to comment on ghee, as I’ve known ghee for a long time… ghee is good and your ghee looks great.

    But I’ll just say… “Why am I so not surprised to find your blog lemon custardless, today!!! LOL LOL LOL

  8. I’ve made ghee, but must say I prefer buying it. It is not that much more expensive and I’m lazy that way. Your ghee looks wonderful.

  9. Don’t you just love the wealth of information on the internet! I am forever trying to get your Aunt Marty to “just Google it” but she is a hard case. She is up to reading my blog every other day. That is amazing! Someday…I’ll keep trying…never give up!

  10. Good for you for making your own ghee! I am usually lazy and do half butter and half oil when it calls for ghee, but I don’t have lactose allergies to deal with very often.
    Amazing what we can do at home!

  11. I think I’ll make the ghee…the custard was not a big hit here…although it looked pretty! I learn the most interesting things from you each week. Ghee…who knew. Sounds like I could find a few uses for that…more than the lemon cup custard, that’s for sure! P.S. I am now posted…thanks for coming by earlier and keeping me on task!

  12. Don’t you just love getting butter on sale? I do, it makes my day. Shipping costs kill me. Online shopping is great but I need a free-shipping promotion to feel ok about it. What a great post on ghee.

  13. interesting, that’s great that you found a good way around it. and seriously, $1.69 for a pound of butter?? i never find even store brands on sale for under $2.50.

  14. That is so fascinating. I actually looked it up the other day when you put it on your oatmeal (I think that’s right). And I also thought you should know, I used the word “fiddlefarting” on my blog tonight, and now I realize (after scanning down the page of your post) why that word was in my subconscious. It worked very well for me, thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  15. Thank you for all this great information. Now I’m left wondering how your daughter is tolerating it? I’m assuming that she is doing very well with it. This also sounds as if it would be good for folks with gall bladder disease or any number of health troubles. I think that I’m going to have to try this one.

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