March 7

Last Saturday, whilst I was baking away in Zanesville, Superman took the girl to the local antique store.

I just have two questions.

When did Queen Elizabeth visit Pothole, and why did she leave her hat?



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15 thoughts on “March 7”

  1. My father-in-law was here on Tuesday and spent no less than twenty minutes RAVING about this awesome little 1940’s ice cream parlor in…Zanesville, Ohio. I can’t remember the name of it, just that it’s the best ice cream ever on the planet. Oh, my 7 year old daughter informs me it’s Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl. Have you ever been there? He says the Butter Pecan is the best he’s ever had. They make 600 gallons of home-made ice cream every Monday; they roast all their own nuts; let’s see, what else can I remember…hmm. Oh, very large servings, which is my kind of ice cream parlor!

    1. Yep…Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl.

      I have eaten there, and it is very good. Gravy ladles of toppings on your home made ice cream, and real warm roasted cashews…Oh…dear…are they the best!!!

  2. If you want to see the other hats that I tried on, you can go tot my blog and see them. And for your information Miss Applie. It’s a maroon dress!!!! Not a red shirt!!!!! I do however have a red shirt that I wear when ever I think of you.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  3. It does look like the Queens hat but I bet she never looked as pretty!

    Jake and Ruby took us to Tom’s. Were you with us CC? Can’t remember. It is good!

  4. The Girl looks so cute in the Queen’s hat! It looks like a really fun place to play/shop for vintage stuff. I love hats, but they don’t love me. No matter what the hat I always end up looking like the Queen’s Mother. 😦

  5. She looks so cute. The queen could never even hope to look like her in a hat. I love hats too. Just when I take them off and my hair looks goofy.

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