March 6

Dear Spring,

Thank you for listening.


Finally warming up


Have y’all seen the movie “The Bucket List”?

If you haven’t, it is about 2 men who are dying of cancer.   They are in the same hospital room, and one of the men starts writing a ‘bucket list’.

A list of things he wants to do before he ‘kicks the bucket’.

Internet, it is Friday and I am nosy.

So tell me something that you would put on your bucket list.

One of the things that is on mine is to travel to Europe.   To visit old castles, to wander around London and Paris.   To see all the historical places I have read about.   To drink cafe au lait and eat a croissant (even though I don’t like coffee) in a Parisian cafe, and to eat a pastry from Pierre Herme’s shop.

I want to go to Scotland and sit in a pub, and wander the moors.

Basically, I need to play the lottery and win a huge pot, don’t I?



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  1. You are in the Zville t imes Recorder this morning! Can I have your autograph? Did K take the class too?

    My bucket list has lots of stuff on it but traveling to another country, probably Ireland, is on it.

  2. For me the the list would be very long. I would like to get married and have children. Then I would like to travel to Europe and India. I wouldn’t mind living in Europe. And that about sums it all up.
    Love to all,

  3. Ever since “Finian’s Rainbow” with Petulia Clark came out, I’ve wanted to see the emerald green of Ireland. I want to go to England and sit in a pub and imagine seeing Inspector Morse drinking a pint. I want to see the apartment building that Poirot lived in. I want to see the country side that “All Creatures, Great and Small” was filmed in. But, most important of all, I don’t want to kick the bucket before I can afford to do all of the above.

  4. Dear Chic,

    Thank you for being you, so bubbly, funny, nosy and genuinely true.


    Having so much fun, here.

    Things I would include on my bucket list would be: skydiving, meeting with the Dalai Lama, take up new university classes, have grand-children, visit Rajastan, swim in the Dead Sea, get my hair cut short. go back to Holland. I’m sure I’m forgetting many other things.

  5. I would like to go on a cruise, go back to the OUTER BANKS, go somewhere for a SISTER’s WEEK with my sisters ONLY, have all my kids & grandkids here to visitme at one time, have Allissa come & sing at our church a few times, go visit Zachary- to- be, go hear the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir & Jim Cymbala, go see the manatees next week & own a pair of 9 West shoes.

  6. No pics, just a quote and a blurb about D. You might be able to see it online at the newspaper’s website. I might take one of the later cooking classes. I’ve done the italian one but never the grilling one. Was marco there much?

    1. Marco wasn’t there at all. If you want to do the grilling one~~which I would love for Superman to do, because the poor man has no grilling sense~~they said it fills up very quickly.

  7. My Dearest NASA Guy says that he wants to take me to see Switzerland. (He went there as part of a High School trip.) While there I want to have real Swiss choclate and fondue.

    In the mean time I’d settle for going to The Melting Pot resteraunt. CC have you ever heard of them? There is one in Columbus. Check out there web site!

  8. I want to go to Europe, too. I’d love to see Germany, where my ancestors were from. I’d love to see London, Paris, and Ireland. I would think that would be great.

    Isn’t that movie fantastic?

  9. I don’t know what I would do. I would really like to adopt a few children. Older children. Not babies. Because the older children need families too. Then I would want to go to China. I have always wanted to go there. And I would like to see a castle or too and meet the Queen of England. I would also like to go to New York City and stand in Times Square. There are other things but, that is all my tired brain can come up with at the moment. lol.

  10. I’ve made a bucket list, but I’ve yet to start checking things off. The Bucket List was an excellent movie. One of the things I want to do is drive a Mustang, just like Morgan Freeman’s character did in the movie. Also, I’d love to open a bakery, see Lake Michigan, meet my sponsored child in El Salvador and go on a mission trip to Africa.

  11. Many places to see in Europe, Ireland, New Orleans.

    Be with family, take lots of pictures/videos, have lots of laughs.

    Get a full body(non-erotic – get yer minds outta the gutter) massage.

    Go to a play.

    Go see Elton John in concert.

    Own a quilt shop.

  12. Take my kids on a tour of the good ole’ USA.

    I really liked the story line in the bucket list. But I did not like the language. 😦

  13. I’d visit people I haven’t seen in a long time.
    Take my boys to all the places I’ve lived and the Grand Canyon.
    Lots of trips to the beach, just to sit there.
    Probably fix up my house or sell it and buy a beach house.

  14. See the world
    Tour the US via backroads
    Bi-monthly massages
    Attend a play in NYC
    Visit beautiful San Francisco area again
    Take the kids to AZ to see the cactus
    Take in the moments of beautiful sunrise/sunset
    Visit the ocean often
    Get fit
    Enjoy vacations/outings with our lil family
    Tour Young Living Oil fields in Utah
    just a few on the list of things to do…….

    PS- Melting Pot-yum!!! 🙂 Just dont take young boys that would of rather had a burger from McDs dollar menu instead. 😦

  15. My bucket list would include going to visit all my relatives on my mother’s side of my family. So many of them I haven’t seen in over 40 years. Some I probably couldn’t find.

  16. Seeing all 50 states. I’m currently close to 30 that I have visited.

    Taking a tour of the Lewis and Clark Trail. That will add 4 new states.

    Spending more time with my family. God has blessed me with 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 4 grandchildren.

    Taking a 1 to 2 week vacation at a beach house or mountain cabin with all of my family. The cabin(s) or beach cottage(s) need to be large enough that we can escape from each other when needed.

  17. – Go on a long vacation with all my loved ones 🙂
    – Work for International Justice Mission (I know it’s 20+ years away, but I hope to do this after I retire!)
    – Write a novel
    – Travel. A lot. Europe, Africa, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska (in the summertime!) Maybe even work for a travel magazine for a few years 🙂

    There are a million more, but those are the things at the top of my list 🙂

  18. I would like to travel. Mostly the United states. See that my family is financially well off, and just spend time with all my family.

  19. I would travel.
    I’d visit Italy, Greece, and then all the places I’ve been while living in Germany.
    I’d stop in Poland and buy as much polish pottery as I possibly could.
    Sounds like I would need to hit the jackpot too. Europe and pottery are not cheap. 🙂

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