March 4

The Schuler’s came for a visit this past Saturday.

It was such a happy surprise for me.

They didn’t stay long.

They never do.

It is a shame, because I enjoy their company oh. so. much.



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18 thoughts on “March 4”

  1. Were there any chocolate covered bismarks? My Favorite!!! I have to make a stop at Schuler’s and White Castles every time we visit Springfield! We are hoping for a Sept visit this year. Next time take a picture before you inhale!:)

  2. Geez Chic!!!! Couldn’t you have let them sit long enough to get a picture???? No one else’s donuts even compare…Not Krispy Kremes Not Dunkin… NO ONE!!!!!! And I didn’t even get to see a picture…… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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