March 3

(For the record, there is just absolutely no way to photograph prunes and make them look good.)

There are 2 things that I remember most about my 4th grade year.

Most of it I spent hobbling around on crutches,  because my left leg was in a cast from my toes up to my hip, and kicking my sister with the heavy cast~~I was a bad sister.

Sorry, kiddo.   I know I scarred you for life.

And for almost 2 months we had a substitute teacher named Mrs. Crabtree Crabapple.

I was scared of the old, sour faced, mean substitute who threw erasers at the boys and grumbled long and loudly about my crutches being on the floor.

(Even when they are soaked in French Brandy, they don’t look good)

I just knew that there was something wrong with her.

I think it was the prune juice that she drank every morning.

Now I had never tried prunes (until yesterday) but I instantly knew that there was something totally wrong with them if they make sweet old grandmas act like bitter old women.

9 year olds are smart like that.

And I didn’t want to make this recipe that Lyb of And then I do the dishes picked out for us today’s TWD.

Prunes?   In a chocolate cake?

It even got Dorie fired.

But it had chocolate in it, so I had to make it.

Chocolate draws me like a moth to a flame.  It  can not be resisted.

Internet, this cake is fabulous!

No!   Seriously!   Fab. U. Lous!!!

Dark, fudgie, rich, and SCORE!…  You can’t taste the prunes.

Maybe if Mrs. Crabtree Crabapple had eaten her prunes this way, she would have been much nicer.

I just know it.

Go check out Lyb’s blog.

She has the recipe, and it will make you think new thoughts about prunes.



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58 thoughts on “March 3”

  1. She may have been crabby but she was “regular”, the term my grandma used to describe the benefits of eating prunes. “They make you regular” she used to say as she encouraged me to eat them. A good idea, I thought at the time, until I found out what she meant…

  2. Hilarious and delish looking post!

    Prunes are quite yummy in chocolate cake I found out once too. The only way to eat them if ya ask me!!
    I am sure if your teacher had this delicious looking cake she would of had a whole new outlook on life!!!

    Why were you on crutches? Well other than to kick your sis.

  3. OH! ho! I was scrolling down in Bloglines… and saw some of your older posts, but not this one (probably not scaned by Bloglines yet!) …I almost had a heart attack! No! …that could not be possible… such a chocolaty cake and Chic didn’t do it!!!???

    Nahhh… I knew I’d find it here, alive, beautiful and just as chocolaty as I thought! Bravo!

  4. Kudos to you for making the cake with prunes. I was a wimp and left them out.

    Did we all have teachers with special names? We had Ms. Reynolds and Ms. Tart. We called them Ms. Reynold’s Wrap and Ms. Pop Tart. We were mean children!

    Your little cakes look amazing!!! Nicely done!

  5. Hahahhah!! Hilarious! I was a little dubious about the prunes as well… but, when I tasted one while I was making the cake, I decided they weren’t half bad.

    I agree, they were wonderful in the cake!

    1. You do need to wait till you are feeling better to come back. I think that it is the stereotyping of prunes that is making you not think it looks good – at least the final result anyway.

  6. Yes, this is most definitely the way to get your daily/monthly/annual allotment of prunes. I am so glad that the prunes did not interfere with the heavenly chocolateness of this cake. Your cake looks great!

  7. I loved this cake, too! And it’s really cool that you were able to make a better prune memory! (Now you have a positive prune association, LOL.)

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I actually think the prunes in your photo look pretty darn good!

  8. For something that is not easy, possible even, to photograph I’d say that you did a great job.

    When I saw that you were using prunes in your baking I was already prepared to say there is no way I’d eat that dessert no matter what you do to it. Then I kept on reading and saw the end result….this just may have to get printed out for future use.

    So…..did it help you get regular yesterday?

  9. How funny! I know you were hesitant to use prunes, but I’m glad it all worked out for you.

    I had a sub for most of 4th grade too. I wonder if it is something about 4th graders?

  10. I’m the odd duck in TWD this week, because I actually liked the idea of adding prunes to chocolate. Not sure why, but it sounded good. I’ll admit, your photo of the prunes looks really appealing to me! With a name like chocolatechic, you really had no choice but to try this cake. So glad you liked it.

  11. The first thing I thought when I saw your post, was “wow, what a fabulous picture of prunes”, seriously, your picture looks really good. So do your cute little cakes. I am glad you liked them!

  12. great story, i had a mrs. crabapple teacher of my own that could have used a few slices of this, haha. i’m still trying to figure out what to do with this huge can of prunes in my pantry leftover from this week. 🙂

  13. In LOVE with your photos. How to you manage to bake DURING THE DAY???? I find that to be my photo downfall.

    I digress.

    I am in awe of your little fudgy cakes…so sweet…my daughter never DID even ask about the prunes. They become one with the cake….mmm.

    Hey. I think maybe it would make a great BREAKFAST…(and now you’ll get why TWD has been so bad for my waistline!)

  14. Very True ChocolateChic! Its a thing of love. Her day would have totally been happy. I am so glad you baked it and moreover loved it. OMG, its Chocolate.
    I loved it! Its one of the best, between the WP Cookies. Can’t decide.

  15. Your best post ever in my opinon. Yummy chocolate cakes, musings about life and the effects of prunes without chocolates verses taking your prunes with a little chocolate wrapped around them. Wish I could wrap all of lifes little unpleasantries in chocolate.

  16. I could taste the prunes. But then again, maybe I’m just oversensitive. I can’t agree with you about the cake, but you’re my photographic hero: I have such serious photo-envy every time I read your blog!

  17. Yeah!! I remember our version of Mrs. C too, but not fondly. I think she ate her prunes frozen. And we did call her prune face (in private). But prunes in this cake are good. Great cake.

  18. Oh, I love the little minis…what a great idea. You have never had prunes before??? Wow. We love all fruit here, so I guess that’s probably part of it, and they always stick prunes in those dried fruit mixes. That’s a long time to have a cast when you are little!

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