February 14

Have you  been looking for a quick, simple and cute idea to celebrate Valentines Day with?

I have a solution that I saw on Bakerella’s blog the other day.

My local Aldi had these for inexpensive frugal cheap.

Go grab some.

Take your small heart shaped cookie cutter and cut wee little hearts out.

Aren’t they just the cutest little things?

And the perks… scraps to eat.

I like perks!

If you want to get fancy schmancy, you can take some leftover icing that has been in the freezer for about 3 months and write little notes on them.

These taste much better than the candies that come in a box and taste like glue.

You can do this with your kiddos too, but if you do, you will have to share the perks.


February 13

It is Friday Internet, and I’m nosy.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.

Do you even celebrate the day?

If you do,  what are you fixing for supper?

Are you getting your hubbie a card? chocolates? nothing? making a special meal?

Every year since we have been married, I have gotten Superman a giant Hershey Kiss.    This will be the first year that he won’t get one.    I have something else up my sleeve though.

I will be sharing tomorrow.


February 12

A couple of  Saturday’s ago, the girl and I went up to visit with the parents.

I took along my camera, because it was just so beautiful out.

The snow and the ice…as much of a hassle it was, it was just gorgeous.

The girl grabbed the camera and said “You want me to get some pictures?”

“Sure Punkin’. I’d love to have some pictures of the snow and ice.   See how pretty the sun is on the trees?   Doesn’t it look like diamonds.”

Later, after we arrived home from the visit, this is what I found.


Well…I see a bit of snow…





“Yeah mom.”

“Are you getting good pictures of the ice?”

“Oh…the ice.   I’m supposed to be taking pictures of the ice”

Note to self….don’t let the girl take pictures of ice ever again.

‘Cause I will end up with something totally different.


February 10

Internet, meet the driver’s side shock/strut on Chefboy’s car….or what’s left of it.

Yesterday morning the boy’s car was leaking gas from the new fuel filter he replaced Sunday, so he asked to use my vehicle.

I tossed him my keys, and called dad my mechanic to see if he could come fix The Beast.

I mean, I had plans.

Plans that needed not to be frustrated.

I needed to go to the store to get milk for today’s TWD recipe that Sheri of Whisk: a food blog picked out for us today.

It has a lovely custard base, which I was going to make ice cream with, and meringues which I was going to make cookies with, and a caramel drizzle thingie that I was going to do wild and crazy things too.

The car HAD to be fixed.

Daddy My mechanic came.

The car was fixed.

He then told  me that if this shock/strut rusted through completely, whomever was driving would most likely end up in the ditch.

I’ve already met Mr. Ditch on several occasions, and decided it wasn’t necessary to meet him again.

So for the first time since July 1st, I have no TWD.

I feel like such a slacker, but at least I didn’t wreck another car.

That’s gotta count for something.

****Update~~It is 9:32 am.   The boy just called and it broke.   Thank God he is fine.

If you would like to make this gorgeous looking dessert, please go check out Sheri’s blog.    She has the recipe, and I’m sure some really gorgeous pictures too.


February 9

One of the things that I find so ironically funny about God is when he teaches you a lesson, He almost immediately follows it up with a “lets see just how much she learned!”

Saturday after 2 meaty lessons from Sheila Walsh on ‘letting go’ and ‘forgiveness’, I had a lot to think about.

And obviously a lot to learn, ’cause God had an immediate follow up.

We went and had a great supper at Cracker Barrel.

A little slice of heaven in a plate of chicken fried steak and potato casserole.

It is just what you need after a day like that.

When we arrived back at church all the ladies began gathering up all their stuff and digging into their purses for their keys.

I didn’t have to dig in my purse because my keys were right on top.

Unzipped my purse, reached in for my keys and… Nada.   Zilch.   Zip.   Bumpkis.

I removed everything from my purse.


I removed everything from my knitting bag.


No keys.

Panic began to set in because  on my key ring is the one and only key to my vehicle.

There were only 2 other places my keys could be.

In the back of my friend’s Jeep, or in the girls room in Canton.


I caught a ride home with a friend, and when I got home, I immediately called my friend.

No answer.

Then I called my cousin who just so happens to work at Malone.

She called security for me.

I then breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that somewhere, someone would find my keys.

I asked Superman to please put away my knitting bag, because all that mental exercise of finding my keys was exhausting.

When he came back into the room, my keys were in his hand.

Obviously, God thinks I have more lessons to learn.

Lessons on pride, forgiveness and letting go.