10 thoughts on “February 28”

  1. Yesterday it was 50. It Felt so good. Today is suppose to be 50, but I will be inside all day at a conference. Tomorrow they say a mix of sleet and snow. Monday: 6-10 inches. NO, NO, NO!

  2. Here too! We live way too north!!

    I heard a woodpecker on Sunday. I had to stop and take in the moment. Spring was in the air til our last two days of ice and now a beautiful layer of snow. Three more weeks til spring!!! Woo Hoo!

  3. I live in SW Ohio. We are not going to be as cold, only down to 18 degrees. I too am weary of winter.

    The last few warm days it was so good to step outside and hear the birds chirping.

  4. I am SOOOO sorry for you! I am SO thankful we moved out of that mess or I would be right there with you. Last year I even posted and “ODE to Spring” poem!

  5. The Southern delegation is getting the huge temperature swings, too. The buttercups are up, and they’re calling for snow tonight.

    Get lost, Winter! I’m read to break out my flippy-floppies.

  6. Haha! We got about 8″ on Saturday. The Husband and I decided to stick it out in the house. We did.not.move. ALL DAY. It was awesome. Forced relaxation… ahhh.


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