February 27

Hey Internet!

It’s Friday, and I’m nosy!!!

I have always been nosy!!

So answer my question.   Feed my curiosity!

If you could only have either TV or a computer for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?


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52 thoughts on “February 27”

  1. Computer. I don’t have the attention span for a lot of television I need something more interactive. My family has also become dependant on the computer for information, travel arrangements, financial transactions, shopping…
    I do remember though when my oldest dd was a baby someone said that it wouldn’t be long before every home had a computer and was wired for internet, I thought they were crazy. I also rememember being in complete awe when someone my dad worked with was showing off his car phone, now to think our kids now not only have their own pocket phones but some even have internet on them. :

  2. My computer.

    I love TV – but I could get my favorite show on-line. I love my computer and the ability to stay in “instant” contact with family or friends. Being able to find information and shop online!

  3. My computer!!! Especially since I can now watch Survivor on-line!

    Since September I have watched very little tv. I check the websites to see when the few shows I like will be on.

    I have to have a computer for my work from home job.

  4. Far be it for me to break the trend (I wann’a be popular, too!). Computer, definitely! The only thing that might change my mind would be if I could get “Poirot” on TV whenever I wanted it. As a matter of fact, I’m currently suffering withdrawal symptoms since the BIO channel stopped running Poirot every Sun. afternoon. Any ideas where I can get my fix? I’m already into the shakes and sweating stage.

    1. You could purchase all the Poirot shows on DVD.

      You could borrow them from the library.

      You could so something lovely for your sweet wife.

      You could clean out the garage (if you have one).

      Mop the floor?

      Do a load of laundry?


      Pick up your socks?

  5. If I could get the DVR capabilites and extended cable on my computer…then I’d say computer. But, I’d have to say computer anyway…I don’t think I could live without it now……

  6. Computer, not only because I can watch just about any tv show on it, but I couldn’t live without my photo editing software or my movie software. I am always loading pictures and video and creating stuff.

  7. Let’s see now, CC;
    I’m waiting to buy 135 episodes for a small fortune,
    library doesn’t have them….., doing things for my lovely wife helps…., garage in the spring…, floor? Do what??….., laundry..did that last night….., dishes..have a dishwasher….., socks…I usually just buy more.

  8. CC, I’ll try the intra-library loan thing. But, I won’t be able to borrow just one. I need a whole afternoon’s worth.

  9. well, for me, it would be the computer, for my family it would be the tv. I couldn’t get thru a day without reading these blogs, or checking email & myspace & facebook. 🙂

  10. I too was going to say TV but I think really it would be the computer. You can get so much info from the computer, do your banking, keep in touch with friends and family (Hi Cousin Jerry!) and although I don’t think I would watch the computer as a tv it is an option!

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