February 26

Today is my Uncle Dale’s birthday…or so I have been told.

Uncle Dale is my dad’s older brother.   I don’t remember much of him, because he was in Vietnam, but I do remember that he was gorgeous.

A gorgeous cross between Elvis and my dad, and I was totally smitten with him.

In other news, a local vet is having a sale on spay and neutering, I told the men,  and there was much rejoicing in the house of Chocolate.

Also, I have no BB today.   My egg supplier hasn’t been in church the last 2 Sundays.

The end.


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11 thoughts on “February 26”

  1. Happy Birthday, Dale! (You WOULD have to remind us that he was the good looking one. He always got the girl. I just couldn’t compete!)

  2. Thank you Aunt Sandy. You were sweet to have noticed.
    cc…the next time I see my brother I will get a picture of him and you will see what years of drinking and smoking does to a person. He is the same age as your mother.

    Dale and Mike Pope always had the girls…

  3. Way to kiss-up to your brother-in-law, Sandy. Ditto on Mike and Dale getting all the girls. (jealousy doesn’t suit me, does it?)
    Gramps, I saw Dale a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t see any sign of alcahol in his house. Hope that’s over with.

  4. Glad that you were able to get Whiskey taken care of, she did make really cute kittens though 😀

    Happy Birthday to your uncle.
    I look at some of my relatives who did a lot of drinking and/or smoking and then at my parents and I can see a huge difference. Drinking helped to speed up the deaths of a few of my family members. 😦

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