February 24

If y’all have read my blog long enough, you know that I have  professed undying love to my BFF Paula Deene, many times.

There are many reasons why I really appreciate this woman.

It isn’t just because she loves her butter, but it is because she is unashamed about it.

I love how she interacts with her boys.   She loves to be with them, loves to love them, and they love her back.

She isn’t afraid to make mistakes.    I love it when she messes up and says “Oops” and just giggles.

I love that she isn’t perfect.   She says “Spatchular” and “One at the time”.

She isn’t prissy and perfect.  She isn’t ashamed to take a bite of what she has made, or admit that she wants another bite.

There isn’t anything fake about Paula Deene, except maybe those eye lashes.

This recipe of Caramel Crunch Bars, that Whitney of What’s left on the table? chose for us today for TWD, would be one that Paula Deene would make and be totally proud to do.

There are 2 sticks of butter in this y’all!

And chocolate.

And cinnamon.

And espresso.

And toffee bits.

Yep.   Paula would take 2 bites of this and finish it off during the commercial break.

This recipe is quick to put together.

It is simple, and delicious.

Go check out Whitney’s blog and make this for yourself.

You’ll finish it off during a commercial break.

Just sayin!


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79 thoughts on “February 24”

  1. You are soooooo right on track about Paula Deene…..I really love her too!
    Your bars look so scrumptious!! I will have to try me some 🙂

  2. That looks really yummy! I love coffee but haven’t really had “expresso” in baked goods, could you leave it out?
    Can you enlighten me on TWD? It sounds a bit like a cooking cult 🙂

  3. There is something infectious about anyone who is just honest and real about who they are. They always make me feel comfortable in admitting my own flaws. As always, I love your photos. I wish I could achieve the same quality!

  4. Paula Dean is the best. Of course, being southern myself, I don’t notice the way she talks so much since all my friends talk the same way! 🙂 But I love to watch her cook. Your bars look great and great photos as always.

  5. Those bars look absolutely DIVINE! Is there a substitute for the espresso powder? I don’t consume coffee-based products anymore.

    Anyway, make sure you learn how to spell your BFF’s last name correctly ;). With how laid back she is, I’m sure you wouldn’t get mad at ya, though.

  6. I love Paula Deen!
    I wish I lived next door to you. I just know we would be the best of friends. My aunt and uncle live in Beavercreek, OH and if I ever go up to see them again, I want to meet you! You are a doll!

  7. Wooooohooo! AH! Finaly, we’re on MY turf! …of you are chocolate, I’m caramel! LOL

    LOL This is toooooo funny! For some reason, I often think of you as I bake the TWD, and last week as I was making those… again I thought of you. I was absolutely sure you’d find a way to add more chocolate… and you have! LOL

    They look totaly gooey, I bet the were coming out of the oven… I should have tried them that way!

  8. I love Paula. She knows the truth, that butter is a natural food and margarine is only one molecule away from being PLASTIC!!! True.

    Anyway, I think you should save your pin money to go and take cooking lessons at her school. Seriously…I MEAN IT. You need to go. It’s on your Bucket List.

    – Suzanne

  9. LOVE Paula, too! ‘Cept it sure sounds like it hurts when she says “boil, oil, foil” those words. My favorite of hers is the “one at the time”. She’s got quite a life story and success to boot!
    Loved your write up (always do) about these bars. And goodness, yours look rich and buttery! I only baked mine 18 minutes, but they seem a bit overbaked (Dorie’s recipe says 20-22). These ARE great!

  10. I like to refer to Paula’s recipes as “food porn”. My favorite is her version of Monkey bread where you wrap biscuit dough around cream cheese and roll it in butter and cinnamon and sugar and then pour MORE butter over the top. I want to curl up in the pan and take a nap and wake up and eat and then go back to sleep.

  11. It took me some time to love me some Paula, but I do now – so many great ideas! but, unlike you, “spatchuler” grates my nerves…nails on a chalkboard, ya’ll!
    Nice pictures, as per usual!!

  12. I love Paula Deen for the same reasons! I hate it when people are all squeamish about food, all “oh, that’s too fattening.” I say live a little!

  13. Your bars look fantastic! I just assumed “espresso powder” = “ground espresso” until I saw your jar of KAF espresso powder. I used straight up espresso grounds in my batch. Oops – he he! 🙂

  14. How have I never checked out your blog before? Clearly a mistake!!!! Boy have I missed out! Your blog is fantastic..and those bars? Oh MY!!!!

    Consider me a regular stalker now! Yay!

  15. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! And the ice cream shot – takes the cake, so to speak! Yeah good ole Paula…she puts a stick of butter in about everything, doesn’t she? Bless her heart.

  16. YOur bars look amazing. So does the ice cream. What kind is it? I thought these bars, while good, were even better with ice cream.

      1. Hi Chocolatechic,
        My name is Jordan, and I work for Barkley, the PR firm for Blue Bunny. Noticed you loved some of our product, and I’d like to send you some coupons as a thank you. Just email me if you’re interested!


  17. I always love how whenever you make something chocolate, you do a close up of the chocolate first. Hooks me every time. Your Caramel Crunch Bars look delicious…I can just see Paula now, biting into one…eyes rolling back in her head and talking with her mouth full that she must go to a commercial break. You done Paula proud, girl!!!!

    I agree, Paula is the Queen. I’m proud of my Southern roots and I LOVE her use of butter and her accent. One of my favorite Paula sayings is “itn’t it romantical?” I make a Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake every year at Thanksgiving, it’s from her very first Food Network episode. I heart Paula…always have, always will.:)

  18. These are going to send you straight to hell…LOL…just kidding around about that part, but they do look very sinful. And delicious. I enjoyed your post about Paula…you are so right on all of that, she is just plain refreshing, isn’t she? I can’t think of a single recipe I use of hers, but I sure like watching her. And you are right: 2 sticks of butter in this…OMW! Love your blog.

  19. I love Paula Deen too! I met her when she came to do a book signing/talk at my local bookstore around the corner from my house. She is just as sweet in person and so funny. She had her (then) new husband with her and he just sort of stood in the back and held her coat lovingly :).

  20. Oh yeah, totally agree. 1/2 a pound of butter was definitely Paula-style.

    As much as I love butter, though, there’s just one of me here and I couldn’t possibly eat 2 sticks of butter in one recipe all by my lonesome.

    The chocolate and toffee bits mixed together look so yummy.

  21. oh, yum. that ice cream with the bars–just scrumptious.

    i had a chance to eat at paula dean’s restaurant in savannah and we saw her inside while we waited outside in a long line…she looked exactly the same as she does on TV:)

  22. I love Paula too. Her German Chocolate Gooey Bars are one of my favorites. These cookies are also mighty good. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and toffee bits.

  23. These look great Tanya. I used to be like Paula Deene with butter etc, then went over to the drak side where I sometimes cringe at how much I use. Paula’s approach is so much more fun!

  24. I had meant to leave a comment yesterday but somehow I managed to not 😦 Anyway, I am glad that I wasn’t visiting you yesterday or I would have eaten the whole pan by myself – we probably would have been fighting over it when Chef Boy came home. Great job and keep up the great work.

  25. Great post, Tanya. I thought these were delicious and perfect for Paula (or Ina) with their two sticks of butter and just enough flour to hold it together. Great photos, as usual. Can’t help you with Photoshop; I’m barely able to capture a pic that’s in focus!

  26. I can appreciate Paula’s affinity for “butta” and treat tastin. I love that you a fan and I’m not surprised. Your bars look very tasty. Awesome job

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