February 23

Yesterday Aldi finally had their debit machine up and running, and I was able to go grocery shopping.

It was a good thing, because my peeps had begun to revolt as there was nothing left in the house to eat except a hunk of cheese and a rotting apple.

As I was coming up from putting groceries away (our pantry is in the dungeon), I was greeted to this sight.

Heels and a pink fluffy robe.

The essence of her.


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24 thoughts on “February 23”

  1. She can wear skinny jeans!!!

    When I was working at JCPenney’s several years ago, back in the ’80s in fact, the manager of women’s apparel told us that heels and jeans were a fashion faux pas!! 😛 for them because I think that on the right girl with the right shoes they are classy!!!

    What I want to know is: What is that on the floor to the left?

  2. Yes Miss Elaine, I can wear skinny jeans. And I love them. I want another pair, but they are like $12-15 here, so I can’t get them. As for the heels, they were on sale when Payless went out of business. I saw them,they fit, and I got them. And besides, they were cheep, and I love cheep.

    Beth……..I love your daughters idea with the fuzzy bed pants. I had considered doing that, but I knew that I would get made fun of, laughed at, and scorned. So, I’ve never done it.

    Love to all,

  3. She will be the type who waxes her floors in high heels. You know, like the old TV ads used to show? Or are you old enough to remember?

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