February 21

Internet, I heard the most glorious sound this morning whilst lounging in bed for 2 hours.

Bird song.

Spring is arriving, whether Buckeye Chuck thinks so or not!

Whilst I was lounging, Superman and I were discussing the fact that a couple we know got back $7,000 from their tax return, and what would we do with $7,000.

My first suggestion was a large diamond ring for the Chocolatechic.

That suggestion went over like the proverbial lead balloon.

We came up with a whole slew of things we would do with it.

  • dump the whole $7,000 on the principal of our mortgage
  • put it in a CD
  • put it in a savings account
  • replace ailing appliances
  • pay down medical bills
  • or stock the pantry/freezer

So, I want to know what you would do.


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21 thoughts on “February 21”

  1. Those ailing applances I would replace include a furnace and replace my bath tub with a walk in shower. I will soon have knee surgery and a walk in shower would be so nice. I know they are not appliances but that was the closed choice. Thanks for you blog I really enjoy your recipies and pictures.

  2. I seemed to have missed the option to vote for a cruise to Hawaii πŸ™‚
    So I picked the paying off the debt option, although if it is interest free then… well, I’d go for the cruise.

  3. Well, daddy….if we were to receive that much from the government, helping the boy would be a first, but since we didn’t receive even a fraction of that much…getting the boy a new vehicle is out of the question.

    We will, however, be using the teeny-tiny bit we did receive to pay for a tune up for his vehicle.

  4. You realize if they are getting that much back in income tax refunds, that they just overpaid during the year – no one gets that many tax breaks.

    So you, like most other people, paid the correct amount of taxes and got to keep more of your hard earned money initially.

    It’s much easier to look at that way isn’t it πŸ™‚

    We’d prob get a newer car.

  5. Well, living with a very frugally minded husband, I know that after spending a small portion of that for something fun (like a big, wide-screen tv) that we would put the rest towards the mortgage.

  6. Hey…I also heard birdsong this AM. It really lifted my spirit. Spring is my favorite season!
    $7000 would go directly to the checking account to live off of. πŸ™‚

  7. Since we live in a parsonage I couldn’t put it the mortgage. I would probably take out a little for fun and put it on medical.

    For those of you who would put it in savings, I personally wouldn’t, because savings is only paying approximately .05 interest at this time. CD’s would pay probably depending on what length of time, a twelve month 2.57 with a yield of 2.6. Hopefully the market will go up so you could put it in an easy access which pays a little less,(about 2.23 with a yeild of 2.25, but could take it out just once for an emergency without penalty, or if the market would go up, you go take it out and put it in a higher rate without penalty! Just in case anyone cares:)

  8. we are getting a boatload back from our taxes (we are bought a house)…and all the money we get is going on bills. the best thing you can ever do is pay down debt that has interest. oh yeah!!

  9. Since we’re dreaming, I’d take half and pay off some debt. The other half would send us on a long hoped for trip to Ireland.

  10. I just picked savings account because my option was not there. I would use that money to pay off some of my university loans. Definitely.

  11. Listen to Willie, the personal banker!! Dreaming, I would take a trip to Dennison,Ohio, pick up my sis and her hubby and head down to Florida to visit my sister, Sandy. Then we would go to California to see my kids and grandkids. We got enough money back to buy Jarrod a good used bicycle.(Sorry Jarrod,no car this year).

  12. Replace my 21 year old washer and dryer (which is probably so energy inefficient, I don’t even want to think about it) and then pay down debt.

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