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  1. Well, we have lived in our house now for a year and 5 months, and before we put the fridge in its corner, I swept and mopped the floor where it was going…so hope you feel better now, because I now feel like a total slob lol. As for the top of the fridge…welll…about as long, there are cereal boxes up there that I don’t even wanna know what the cereal would taste like now…lol

  2. Well, I think it’s been a month or two since I scrubbed the fridge. I am constantly throwing things out, though, so, it’s not as if there is a science experiment lurking in the back of it or anything. As far as the top goes, I haven’t cleaned that in a good 6 months.

  3. Actually, it would have been last Saturday. But only because my floor on that side of the kitchen and in my master closet are flooding, and I had to pull the fridge out and pull up the linoleum (sp?). It was kind of gross under there.

  4. The top of the fridge gets cleaned once every two weeks when I clean the kitchen. Under the fridge gets cleaned about twice a year…I vaguely remember doing it sometime before Christmas.

  5. We all know that keeping the under-carriage of our fridges clean saves us on our electric bills each month and that cc squeeses everything out of each penny she gets, we all know that under her fridge it is bound to be spotless We wouldn’t want to waste electricity now would we???

  6. I can’t believe you are asking this question! JUST yesterday I said to myself: you really need to get Eric to pull out this fridge and get all that nasty dust out from the sides and who knows what’s underneath! I can not remember when I last cleaned under it. Most likely last summer.

  7. Almost a year ago since I cleaned under it and vacuumed around it. Time to get hubs back to it.

    The top….I’ve been busy busy so all my “extras” housework is slacking but I will get on it soon as my schedule went back to its normal crazy. It was cleaned when I put up Christmas decorations so I am sure its very embarrassingly dirty!!!**blushing** So not since Dec. 15 or so…

  8. LOL LOL What a question! LOL

    The under part of mine will surely make you feel better, for it’s been over a year, since I ‘ve cleaned under it! YIKES! I know…

    But the top part won’t; because I’m tall and can almost see on top of my fridge well… I see the fuzz… and clean it much more often! LOL

    LOL …what you see is what you get I guess, and what you don’t… can’t hurt you! LOL LOL LOL

  9. About a month ago…it’s only done on a yearly basis. That thing is too heavy to be hauling out of there any more often than that. It’s the stove that I need to move and clean under now.

  10. Umm… *blushes*

    Underneath our fridge hasn’t been cleaned since we moved in. So 3 years. How embarrassing.

    I clean the top at least once a month but right now there’s a dead mosquito (the joy of living in Alabama) on top and I’m too scared to get near it. I’m waiting for the husband to do it.

  11. I moved into my new apartment 7 months ago, and there was a new fridge in the kitchen, and odd as this is, the kitchen is sort of in a closet. (Small kitchen in a South American apartment…don’t ask!) I couldn’t move it, so… uh…never!

  12. We moved in to our apartment about the middle of June, and I’ve never cleaned under the fridge. I’ve maybe cleaned off the top once in that time. Yep – I’m a slacker!

  13. I have found over the years that I am a clean it if you see it person. That doesn’t count for dust until it becomes dirt. Since I am a short person the top of the fridge doesn’t get cleaned unless I am up there for some other reason…like changing a light bulb. Under the fridge gets cleaned when something spills and runs under the fridge which seems to happen about once a year or so. I also can’t see the top of the range hood but my husband lets me know when it needs cleaned. I did not inherit many cleaning genes.

  14. Never – I have never, ever cleaned under my fridge – of any home. The last time I cleaned on top of the fridge was a few months ago – but it has egg cartons and bread bags on it – which I use regularly (I have chickens and bake bread). So there isn’t any clutter or dust up there. 😀

  15. I’m with Kim and April, you clean under your fridge? I’ve never even thought of it. I do clean the top periodically, but not often enough as it’s always REALLY dusty and cluttered when I do tackle it.

  16. {{cringing}} May 2008. Fridge pooped out the day before Mothers Day/son’s Confirmation, expecting houseful of guests. Made it through the celebration with NO FRIDGE. Cleaned underneath hoping to reactivate the coils down there that were clogged with dust & grime. Before that, hmmm, June 2000?

  17. CC, you really know how to pick a topic. The whole world seems to have responded to this. Must be an interesting subject.

  18. In September when your dad moved their fridge in and our fridge out. I don’t see the top of the fridge so it is rare it gets cleaned,thank you very much.

  19. Cleaned under in Sept. Cleaned top Monday…day off. I forget why I was on the step stoole, but saw it was dusty and thought I’d better clean it why I was up there. Usually clean the top when doing a good kitchen clean.

  20. Well, my fridge was new in mid 2007. We vacuumed the spot under the old fridge before the new one went in. And since the new fridge is much taller than the old one…..I’ve never dusted it off….

  21. Our fridge bit the dust 2 weeks ago so the floor, the top of the fridge, and even the inside is clean. I move out the stove and fridge every 6 months when I do my spring and fall cleaning.

  22. Under my fridge is actually very clean. We just pulled it out to sweep and mop the floors under it. The top is messy, but clean. I vacuum under my couch at least once a week. However, under my stove lurks very scary things! I am terrified to see what is alive under there!

  23. About a month since I cleaned out the interior. It needs to be cleaned again. The top–does it have a top? I just checked it does and the noisy, irritating fairy wand I hid from my grandchildren is on top. Maybe I will clean it Saturday.

  24. Since my husband and I paint,paper,and do faux finishes for a living I’ve seen behind many refrigerators. It is very rare to find this area clean. Even in the tidiest of homes. Often clients will say: “Oh no, it’s going to be filthy behind there!” I always laugh and reply, “I worry more about you if it’s clean behind there.” The majority of times the client isn’t around when I pull the frig out and I can vacuum the back, the coils and clean the floor without them even knowing.
    Although it’s true that cleaning the back of your frig will help it run more efficiently, the appliance that gives me concern for my clients is their dryer. 75% of the time I find a fire hazard. People will have 4 feet of bent, pinched, tubing for less than a foot of need and dare I say, duct tape! If you have a lot of lint dust in your laundry room, there’s a reason. I would warn them of the importance and instruct them on how to have secure vent tubing. Since my request was met with the same amount of enthusiasm of a teenager agreeing to clean their room, I decided to keep a supply of dryer vent tubing and large, round clamps on our van. I just fix it for them and tell them later,lol.
    Since I have to move the washer as well, this is the best time to work behind the dryer. This way you can move the dryer back in place a good bit and shorten the length of the tubing as much as possible.
    So, I vote to continue to ignore behind your frig but take a good hard look behind your dryer instead.
    Oh, almost forgot. Missing socks? Yup, they are behind your dryer! I’ve rescued a few dozen over the years.

  25. What a lovely blog!! Its monday today and I just got a new fridge on Saturday. When the old one was taken away, there was a black stain on the floor!! Nothing a few good scrubs didnt take away….

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