February 18

Oh…the utter bliss of sleeping in.

It rarely happens, but when it does I feel like a million bucks, and this morning, I’m a million bucks girl!

I have slept on the same side of the bed for the last 17 years.

Last week, Superman and I switched sides of the bed in hopes that he might sleep better.

He is.

I’m not.

His side of the bed is giving me the weirdest dreams.

In the first one, I was walking outside on a gorgeous day, and these soft, fluffy wisps were tickling my top lip.

I thought ‘I really need to trim my mustache’, and knowing that I had a mustache didn’t phase me one bit.


Then the dream morphed and I was inside and I had rubbed my top lip and realized that I did indeed have a mustache.

A prickly mustache.

I freaked out!!!

I ran to a mirror and began to frantically pluck them out, only it immediately grew back as soon as it was plucked.

A couple of nights later, I dreamed that the girl and I were on vacation.

Dolly Parton heard that we were in town and invited us over so I could photograph her with the girl, her and I, and us all with her little Pomeranian dog.

She had this fabulous pink, sage and cream carpet that I totally fell in love with, so I ignored Dolly Parton, the girl and her dog, and only photographed the carpets.

I think I ought to switch back to my original side of the bed.


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13 thoughts on “February 18”

  1. Oh my… !!! Did you eat something strange before going to bed? Or maybe you need more chocolate? Yes – that’s it… you need to add more chocolate to your diet to compensate for the change in sleeping sides.

  2. Hahahaha! I love having those stupid dreams. What I really don’t like are the “realer than real” dreams… you know, where it’s totally possible for whatever is happening in your dream to REALLY happen? Ugh. *shutters* I hate those.


  3. Pillows must be dream recorders. You’re dreaming about mustaches and Dolly Parton. Perfect guy dream. Imagine what he’s been dreaming about on your side of the bed. Pink undies and Tom Hanks, maybe? No wonder he says he sleeps soundly! No guy worth his salt would ever admit to that!

  4. There are no words to describe cousin Jerry. I love him dearly. Stay on that side for a while Tanya and see what else you come up with.

  5. That’s so funny. For the past 3 nights, I too have had strange dreams. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to cut sugar out of my diet. I blogged about a dream I had about my dear Grandpa. The next night I dreamed I was pregnant; the next night it was a dream about wine and cheese. I’m seeing a theme. Maybe I need that nighttime chocolate!
    Love your blog! Love.

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