February 17

Have you ever been about to do something and then hear a great idea to change it up a bit and decide ‘Hey! Great idea.  I’ll do that.’?

Then just when you are about to do that ‘great idea’, someone comes along and suggests you do the original?

When you do the original it doesn’t work and you kick yourself  because you didn’t do that ‘great idea’?

That’s what happened with today’s TWD recipe that Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater picked out for us.

Devil’s Food White Out Cake.


I had read on the TWD question and answer post, that someone had made 7 Minute frosting for this cake.

Great idea!   I heart 7 Minute frosting.

Then the boy came home from college and said,  ‘Don’t make the 7 Minute frosting, Mom, I just made the original icing today in class.   It is so easy.’

So I did.

And I’m kicking myself.

7 Minute frosting forms a light sugary crust.

Dorie’s is delicious, but mushy.

And I didn’t want mushy…she says pouting.

Look away, Internet, it isn’t pretty.

Don’t worry.   I’ll eat it anyway.   There is chocolate involved!

If you have basic flour, sugar, eggs and chocolate in your pantry, you can make this cake.

Go check out Stephanie’s blog and grab the recipe.    You will be glad you did.

And if you want to make a 7 Minute frosting, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.


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70 thoughts on “February 17”

  1. Did you use the cream of tartar? Because mine came out really fluffy, not mushy at all. Anyhoo, your cake looks really moist and chocolaty, beautiful! 🙂

  2. How can you bake something sweet and keep it in the house each week? It would kill me. I’m sure I’d be popular with the neighbours though – I’d have to give stuff away to them 🙂

  3. Your photos are amazing, as usual! Sorry you weren’t in the mood for ‘mushy’ frosting, your cake still looks wonderful! I have never tried the 7 minute frosting but have heard it mentioned a few times and now I will have to give it a try. The light sugary crust sounds delicious, although I did love this mushy marshmallowy one too 🙂

  4. I feel sorry for the Girl. Having to live in a house full of wonderful food that she can’t eat. You’ll have to invent a cake made from green peppers and celery. Yum..Yum!

  5. I think your cake is pretty. And I am relieved to hear that you liked the cake. I don’t know what I would have done if chocolatechic did not enjoy the Cover Cake! You’ll just have to make this again with 7 minute frosting! I liked the Dorie frosting, but it was stressful for me, and I am certainly open to alternatives!

  6. Sorry about the mush. I think your cake actually looks so moist and chocolatey. I’ve never made 7 minute frosting, but others have mentioned it and now I really want to try it. This frosting was a bit tedious and not quite as tasty as I’d like on a cake. Next time I’m gonna have to try the 7 minute stuff!
    Still, I sure love your photos. That first photo really makes me just want to go to my cupboard and find some chocolate. Find some, I know it’s packed with all kinds. Control, Katrina, and breathe! 😉

  7. Your cake looks soooo moist. Yes, I’ll do anything for chocolate too. Thanks for the cake pan rec. Guess I should just “do it.” Great job with the Dorie frosting. I wonder if chilling helps with the whole cake cutting part. Mine only chilled for an hour before cutting and photos. Oh well. Have to try it again, darn the luck. he he

  8. Awww, sorry you didn’t like the icing – but wow your cake looks so much more moist than mine! I think I cooked mine too long.
    And Lady? That picture of the chopped up chocolate is really making me FAT.

  9. I won’t say it again… LOL but I knew! LOL

    It’s here, it’s full size… it’s divinely beautiful and just as tasty!

    It is always great fun to come here and enjoy… chocolate!!! LOL (okay! Everything else also, but chocolate in particular!!!) You emanate such love for the dark and luscious sweet, one can actually feel it through your blog! LOL

  10. Since you brought it up, then Chef-Boy came home and persuaded you against it, could you please do a blog demo on 7-minute frosting? I haven’t heard of it before and this would be great to have for future reference.

    Thank you.

    Note to Chef-Boy: Let Mama do it her way so that if she flops you can show her the right way and if she succeeds you will have learned from her experience…and secretly laugh over her mis-fortune!! 😉 (Not that you would do that to her because she raised you right) 🙂

  11. Note to chef-boy came out wrong…. 🙄

    That should have been a sigh for not speaking not the laughter part. I’ve got to drink some coffee so my fingers will type what I’m really thinking.

    Sorry CC & CB

  12. your chocolate photo is wrecking my diet, lol…

    your cake looks so moist and wonderful. I’m sorry that the frosting didn’t work out for you, though. It didn’t work out for me, either, but that’s mostly because I’ve got marshmallow issues.

  13. Wow, I hope my son comes home from college one day saying “I made this frosting at school today.”

    That would be fabulous.

    Of course, my son doesn’t like to cook and recently ruined a pan making pancakes, so maybe I can’t be too hopeful about that scenario!

    Your cake looks so delicious, so dark and moist and the icing is lovely. I’ve never actually made 7-minute icing, so I guess I don’t know what I am missing!

  14. Wow…your photos are so magical. I love your style on your blog entries. How cool is that little contraption you have for slicing that cake in half??? Genius. I loved that frosting…loved that frosting…loved that frosting….LOL. It’s a good thing I was instructed to throw chocolate all over it!

  15. It does not look mushy to me. To me, it looks like everything else you do, wonderful. Your pictures are always stunning. I like the picture with the frosting applied on top. Nice. Your layers are perfect. I need to keep practicing on that. How cool to have a son who cooks!

  16. I totally know what you mean. I hate it when I talk myself into trying something that isn’t quite what I want. I always end up still wanting the original thing. Your cake does look wonderful. I want to try it again with another frosting, too.

  17. Gorgeous photos! I decided *not* to make Dorie’s frosting and am glad I followed my own path…though it’s hard to stick to your intentions when others persuade you otherwise–I do that often too:)

  18. LOVE your cake!! AND your pictures, they look awesome. I like the way you photograph every step. I thought the cake was great.. I really loved it. I also thought the tartar gives it a bit of an after taste but who knows.. maybe its just me! Great job!

  19. Your photos are always so wonderful. I love that natural light (and I so wish I had some!). I’m sorry you weren’t terribly fond of the frosting. We liked it the second day, but now I feel compelled to try the 7-minute stuff.

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