February 15

I have held off for as long as I could, but I can not contain it any longer.

Chefboy made the Dean’s list.

This might not be a big deal  to some, but it is to me.

It is an affirmation that I did a good job educating my chips.

An affirmation that I did something right.

I don’t know any home school mom that doesn’t at some point second guess themselves.

Did I do enough?

Probably  not.

Did I give them a good education?

The best that I could.

Did I screw them up?


On any given day I look over and see this.   The chips so engrossed in their books, that even when I turn on the TV, they don’t even look up.

To me, that is a great sign.


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23 thoughts on “February 15”

  1. Congrats to the Chefboy!!!
    Congrats to you!!!!
    I have always believed that reading is one of the best gifts you can give your children (although my daughter would say is was the GameCube).

  2. We come from a reading family. You girls were avid readers as were dad and I. I agree with stillwannabefrugal.

    Congrats to all! Gotta go. Have a book to read:)

  3. I remember how thrilled I was when Jarrod made the Dean’s list his first quarter. It affirmed my homeschooling techniques. I guess we did good,Huh?.Congratulations to Dean Thomas.And to everyone else involved.

  4. I spent forty years, off and on, as a public school teacher, and most of that time I was a reading specialist. I also raised three avid readers. I have always felt that if you give kids reading skills plus the love of learning, you’ve accomplished the most important part of education. If they can read, and if they retain curiosity and interest, they can achieve just about anything else.

    Well done, homeschooling mom!

  5. Good for him! That is great. My kids are only 2 and 4 but already they LOVE books. I hope to nurture this since I’m an avid reader. Good job to you for your hard work too.

  6. Very satisfying, I’m sure! Congratulations. My kids have been bringing books to the dinner table (they are 6 and 8, so I’m sure it’s not quite as intellectual as what is going on in your living room…); they can’t get enough! You can tell you enjoy one another, being together. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You’ve done yourself proud, but I think that homeschooling and/or a private education is so above what a child receives in public education these days that your studious, hard-working son, would have had to work hard to avoid the dean’s list. Congrats all around!

  8. Good for you, Chef boy! But, with you being named for your Grandfather and Great-Grandfather, haven’t you been on the “Dean’s” list for a long time?

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